What's your excuse?

Fitness despite of disability

Last night while going through my facebook wall I was amazed to see this picture of a gentleman with physical disability but a fine sculpted physique. Have you ever wondered what must have taken for this man to achieve this feat ? But defying all odds this man has made the impossible very mush possible for him.

If you have the will and determination you can make it possible for yourself as well. You might be suffering from a chronic disease or some other form of physical disability, but that does not mean you can’t give your body the right to stay fit. I feel so sorry for certain individuals who have a physical disability and on top of that their body has to bear the excess weight due to fat gain, obviously due to in-activeness. But I strongly feel that this situation is only because these individuals lack encouragement.

This man in the picture above is so fit that he can almost lead a normal life, like any healthy adult, I hope his prosthetic leg is making it possible to him to walk  As a matter of fact he can enjoy a much better life that some people who do not have any physical disability but are troubled by problems arising due to excess weight on their bodies. He has turned his disability into powerful force for his body. As it is rightly said, “Health is Wealth”.

I am highly inspired by this man. So, what’s your excuse for not staying fit? Just have a look at this picture if you have any.

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