Tried All Ways To Lose Weight? Did You Miss Out On Sleep?

Are you trying all sorts of things to lose weight and have overlooked one factor, i.e sleep?

This can be one big reason why your efforts are not giving you expected results when it comes to weight loss. It seems to be a common problem with people who juggle career and fitness and make sure they don’t miss out on the gym or yoga or may be just plain running in the morning. In the strong motive of trying to lose some weight it may happen that you actually are not paying enough attention to your sleep and this might in turn result in weight gain instead of weight loss or you may not all see any improvement in weight loss as you had expected it to be despite putting a lot of efforts. This can be dangerous as it may de-motivate you and make you go off track from your weight loss plan.

Cutting down on your sleep is not going to help at all as some studies have pointed out that sleep and weight loss indeed has some connection. People who don’t work out at all but still don’t sleep for the required 7 to 8 hours daily are at a greater risk of getting obese. Now, come on, you cannot sleep all day long to lose weight, which would be the height of laziness, due to which you are gaining fat and nothing else.

Have you experienced a sudden rise in appetite which made you go for a quick fix, like a burger or a pizza? Or have you not been able catch up on sleep and feel hungry instead which made you go for anything appealing in your fridge or some nice creamy biscuits. You probably must experience this often if you don’t give your body a healthy amount of sleep. Well your hormones can pretty much mess up your efforts to lose weight. It’s best to understand how they work so that you can optimize your weight loss training to lose excess weight quickly.

Hormones that make you feel hungry and fuller

Hormones Leptin and Ghrelin are the ones which suppress and stimulates your appetite. Leptin is produced by the body’s fat cells and tells your body when to stop feeling hungry. Ghrelin on the other hand is produced by your stomach which stimulates your appetite and makes you eat, eat and eat (yeah,this one is the main culprit). But Ghrelin is important as you got to eat after all. But why do these hormones play crazy which makes you feel more hungrier than full?

These hormones are very much dependent on your sleep patterns. Lack of sleep will lower the levels of leptin (you may not feel fuller) and increases the levels of ghrelin, which will make you feel hungry all the time. Yeah, now you know why you eat like crazy sometimes.

So this is supposed to be a no brianer, get enough sleep so that your body produces enough leptin which will make you feel less hungry and help you in losing weight fast.

I read this interesting line somewhere, ‘Sleep is like a credit card debt, if you keep accumulating this debt, you will have to pay high interest rates or your account will be shut down until you pay it all off. If you accumulate too much sleep debt, your body will crash.’

 Hormones that make you grow

When you sleep your body gets into a maintenance mode. As you sleep, the pituitary glands secretes growth hormones. These hormones help in cell generation and growth and play an important role in building your muscles. If you have been weight training, your muscles breakdown while you work out. A good amount of sleep will help in building your muscles. More the muscles in your body more will be your body metabolism. More the metabolism, more the calories you will be able to burn, which will aid you in weight loss.

Cortisol effect

It’s important that you maintain low levels of cortisol in your body. High levels of cortisol will slow down your metabolism. Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels in blood and this can get really bad as it stimulates the breakdown of protein into glucose and if you have more glucose in your body then it will get stored as fat. So cortisol basically will not help you make muscle mass but will make you gain weight. A good amount of sleep will ensure that your cortisol levels stay really low.

Exercise smart

Exercising regularly not only helps you in staying fit but tires your body well and helps in inducing sleep. Your body heals and recharges well when your sleep well and this in turn helps you workout at your optimum energy levels the next day. When you don’t sleep well, you very well know how dull you feel the next day, which pretty much doesn’t allow you to anything.

Sleep is a crucial for you to lose weight fast and maintaining a good overall health for your body. A good amount of sleep can make you feel less hungrier and also will make you eat only how much exactly is required for your body. Make sure that your body gets a good 8 hours of sleep for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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