Top 5 Foods That Source Lean Protein

When you get enough proteins in the diet, your overall health is benefited. Studies have shown that proteins can not only help you lose the extra weight but also improve your cardiovascular health and boost energy. So, any healthy well-balanced diet program must include a fair share of lean proteins. Proteins from lean sources are important for your health because there are many protein foods that are quite rich in saturated fats. These may prove harmful because they can raise cholesterol levels in the blood and make you prone to heart diseases. Fatty protein sources are basically fatty meat cuts and full-fat dairy products, hot dogs and ground beefs while lean protein choices are turkey and skinless chicken, eggs and beans.

Why lean protein is important

Lean proteins can aid in weight loss efforts because they offer satiety and stop you from overeating. Proteins are also useful for shedding the extra pounds without making you hungry. However, it is important to understand the quantity of proteins to include in the diet. The following are some of the best sources of lean proteins which we can easily incorporate in our daily diet:

Fish and sea foods: Fish is perhaps the healthiest lean protein source since it contains less saturated fat compared to either beef or poultry. Fish like salmon and tuna are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are considered to be “good” fats extremely helpful for the heart. Seafood is also a rather good source of lean protein since it contains low fat.

White meat poultry: While dark meat is high in saturated fats, white meat is believed to be a good source of lean protein. Lean proteins are also low in calories and help to restrict your daily calorie intake. You should try to remove the skin before cooking it. The best ways to cook white meat are grilling, baking or roasting. To control your calorie consumption, you do not need to eliminate foods like beef from your diet; rather you can choose round cuts and loin beef cuts to enjoy this animal protein healthily.

Eggs: While many people may ask you to avoid eggs because they are responsible for high cholesterol levels, eggs are considered as an integral part of any healthy diet. They offer about five grams in each serving and are very budget friendly. Eggs can be prepared easily and eaten for all main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Low fat dairy foods: These are held as ideal lean protein sources since they are devoid of saturated fats. Low fat dairy foods are also excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D. For instance, yogurts, low fat cheese and low fat milk are good additions to a healthy diet because you can easily include them as part of your main meals and snacks. The high calcium content in these foods helps to prevent osteoporosis and makes bones stronger.

Beans: Half a cup of beans will offer as much protein as a single ounce of steak that has been broiled. Beans are packed with fiber which gives a sense of satisfaction and keeps you feeling full for longer hours. Lentils and peas are also equally good protein sources for vegetarians. You can use these for preparing meals like soups and salads.

These five lean protein food sources can help you build muscle mass without making you put on unwanted weight. They are essential for a healthy balanced diet and can contribute significantly to weight loss.

A few popular weight loss programs use the above ingredients to ensure the dieters get their share of lean protein to build lean muscle as well as prevent weight gain. For example, Nutrisystem, which is an accredited weight loss program, delivers diet meals such as Egg and Turkey Sausage Roll, Black Beans and Rice, Red Beans and Rice, White Bean Chicken Chilli, Tuna Salad, Roast Beef and Gravy with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Hearty Beef Stew etc., which source lean protein. Joining these meal delivery services help you receive nutritionally balanced meals and stay healthy.

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