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How To Avoid Dedhyrdration In Summer

How to avoid dehydration in summerSummer is almost here and if dehydration is not avoided, it can make you feel really low. Water makes up about 70% of our body’s total fluids and so it’s obvious that many important functions are taken care by water. Water transports nutrients between calls and regulates body’s temperature. It also cleans your system and washes off harmful toxins from your body. So it’s imperative to maintain optimum levels of water in the body to help it function smoothly.

Dehydration occurs as our body loses fluids naturally and does not get replenished immediately. We lose fluids during our routine activities, through sweating and by attending nature’s call. There is a faster loss of water during sports based activities. The lost fluids get replenished when we drink water and also our body absorbs water from the food.

Our body always communicates with us through certain signs and when there is a need for water you naturally feel thirsty.When you ignore the thirst the process of dehydration sets in. Your body continues to use the available water inside the body thus further depleting your fluid levels. Children are more affected by dehydration as when they are playing, they pay less attention to their thirst and carry on until they start feeling dizzy and sometimes even faint.

Daily recommended water intake is 2 liters, but it differs according to the body size, geography, occupation and your routine activities. The best way to beat dehydration by listening what your body is telling you and acting on it immediately.

Signs your body tells you that you are dehydrating:

  • Dry lips – You wipe your tongue over them again and again
  • Dizziness – You feel like you want to sit down and getting up is difficult
  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dark yellow colored urine in less amount than usual

What you can do to avoid dehydration:  

  • Carry a water bottle wherever you go. Refill the bottle when you get an opportunity. This is a must for people who stay in high humidity regions
  • Have plenty of fruits like watermelon, sweet lime and oranges before you head out on a sunny day
  • Wear loose, light-colored cotton clothes and pure cotton undergarments.
  • Drink water at regular intervals and avoid fizzy drinks, colas and coffee.
  • Eat light but at regular intervals

If you are working out in the gym, be it weights or cardio, make sure you have water between sets or repetitions depending on the intensity of your workouts. If you feel already dehydrated and if you are feeling dizzy, then have as much as water as you can and discontinue your workout for that day. You won’t get immediately powered up by water. You body will take time to replenish fluids. It’s best to carry electrolytic drinks for if you sweat a lot during workout. If you over do workout even after feeling dehydrated then you may get muscle cramps, feel extremely exhausted any you may even faint.

Dehydration is not to be taken lightly at all as once the exhaustion sets in, it’s very difficult to get rid of it until you get a proper sleep. It may spoil your lovely evening with your family or your date or a nasty night out with friends. So avoid dehydration and stay cool this summer.

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Mirrors do the talking

It’s festival time in India and you tend to forget the restrictions you have put on yourself. The sweets somehow manage to find a way in your stomach, a drink or two doesn’t seem to make much difference in this nice cold weather. The atmosphere is vibrant, also the gyms are closed and since the laziness has already creeped in someone like me won’t find a way to train by running or by doing some yoga because it’s just a matter of couple of days!

I kept on checking myself in the mirror every now and then and everything seemed to be fine. I was a bit scared as my workout was not regular prior to the festival, although I felt that I might have put on some weight given to the slow metabolism rate of my body, but everything seemed to be looking fine.

It was shopping time today and I was interested in buying some party wear shirts. V. from Van Heusen had some amazing collection. Went to the trail room with a couple of them. Got off my shirt which I was wearing and now I was looking at myself from all the possible directions as four large mirrors were covering me from all the sides. To my horror I could not believe that I could possibly look so pathetic from behind !! I mean women tend to check out their behinds even in a single frame mirror at home. Men mostly don’t do that, do they? Then came out frustration of having those high calorie sweets and the deep-fried stuff and what not. It does take a toll on the body unknowingly. Thankfully, at least the shirt looked really good.

Now, its Christmas next month. What’s the fun of festivals without having any sweets ? If your body has high BMR you can afford to have as many of them. If not, then go really easy on them. Make sure you do some workout everyday and make burn the calories that you are intaking. Otherwise, the mirrors will do the talking.

Bring Out The Kid In You

Watching your shapeless body every morning in the mirror can be a really depressing. You tend to overlook it and just get on with the day. But a man or a woman in his/her prime of health takes pleasure in watching their bodies in the mirror and feel glad that they did not miss out on their workout sessions the previous day.

So finally when you have decided that you are going to do something good for your body have a look around your place and look at what excites you the most. It’s not necessary that you join the neighbor hood gym where every third guy who is coming out has bulging biceps or a girl with a well toned body and you obviously get excited by looking at that. If you are not too much of a gym guy/girl types, the chances of dropping out from the gym are even higher and your strong determination of working your body out will come down crashing.

There are plenty of options available these days. Try to associate workouts with fun, then only it can prove to be real stress buster considering your hard day’s work. Bring out the kid out in you. Ask yourself that if you were a kid right now, what would you have loved doing the most ? Go swimming, martial arts. dancing, kick boxing, badminton, lawn tennis, tables tennis, basket ball, etc. Find out what options your locality offers to you and choose what excites you the most. Aerobics can be real fun or else brisk walking or jogging can be done any time. If you are looking for something more peaceful then there is nothing better than Yoga.

Once you have decided, please avoid going for second opinions. There are people who will try to find out flaws in your personal interests and will pull down your morale. Just go ahead and do it. But all the more it will be tremendously helpful if you could find a partner who shares a common interest. Your probability of attending the activity almost everyday will automatically increase. If your partner is your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife then nothing like it. Not only will you be able to workout together but also will be able to spend some quality time with each other.

So, bring out the kid in you and just do it.