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Flavonoids based foods for weight loss

Why you should have flavonoids based foods to lose weight

Consuming  the right food is a key to lose weight and flavonoids may be the exact key that you might need. Why you should have flavonoids based foods to lose weight and stay fit is the what you are going to find out soon. What are flavonoids? Flavonoids are present

Why You Should Add Sprouts To Your Diet: Health Benefits & Nutrition

Yeah we all know how healthy sprouts are for our body, big deal ! But I really wonder what keeps us from having them and why it’s not the first preference for food most of the times. I have never hated them but when I came to know how power

Tried All Ways To Lose Weight? Did You Miss Out On Sleep?

Are you trying all sorts of things to lose weight and have overlooked one factor, i.e sleep? This can be one big reason why your efforts are not giving you expected results when it comes to weight loss. It seems to be a common problem with people who juggle career

Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half

Chocoholics who feel guilty after savoring on some fine chocolate have something to cheer about. A new research has been able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent. How cool does that sound to you? For me, it’s definitely a thumbs up and so it will be

Carbs for weight loss

Carbs for weight loss is possible if the intake of carbs is properly monitored. Some people who are very adamant on losing weight swear to have a no carb diet and this can turn disastrous later on. Carbohydrates are primary source of energy for the body and it’s functions and hence