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Mirrors do the talking

It’s festival time in India and you tend to forget the restrictions you have put on yourself. The sweets somehow manage to find a way in your stomach, a drink or two doesn’t seem to make much difference in this nice cold weather. The atmosphere is vibrant, also the gyms are closed and since the laziness has already creeped in someone like me won’t find a way to train by running or by doing some yoga because it’s just a matter of couple of days!

I kept on checking myself in the mirror every now and then and everything seemed to be fine. I was a bit scared as my workout was not regular prior to the festival, although I felt that I might have put on some weight given to the slow metabolism rate of my body, but everything seemed to be looking fine.

It was shopping time today and I was interested in buying some party wear shirts. V. from Van Heusen had some amazing collection. Went to the trail room with a couple of them. Got off my shirt which I was wearing and now I was looking at myself from all the possible directions as four large mirrors were covering me from all the sides. To my horror I could not believe that I could possibly look so pathetic from behind !! I mean women tend to check out their behinds even in a single frame mirror at home. Men mostly don’t do that, do they? Then came out frustration of having those high calorie sweets and the deep-fried stuff and what not. It does take a toll on the body unknowingly. Thankfully, at least the shirt looked really good.

Now, its Christmas next month. What’s the fun of festivals without having any sweets ? If your body has high BMR you can afford to have as many of them. If not, then go really easy on them. Make sure you do some workout everyday and make burn the calories that you are intaking. Otherwise, the mirrors will do the talking.