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Got my Adrenaline Rush form James Bond !

After a hard days work of making power point presentations and a game of table tennis at my office, I was not really in a mood to hit the gym. I thought of skipping my workout today giving reasons to myself like, ” I did not eat any junk food today”, “Ahh ! I climbed a couple of set of stairs today, so I won’t possibly gain any weight.” All these type of reasons are very typical with people who skip workouts after office.

Coming back home (after getting a puncture out of my bike’s tyre) I got my hunger pangs which took me straight to the kitchen. With a pack of biscuits (creamy ones) I sat in front of the television looking for some music channels.Out of those mundane advertisements I suddenly saw Daniel Craig jumping inside a train’s bogie from the top and the next thing I realized was that it’s the trailer of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall. I was even more exited to see that it will be releasing on Nov 1st in India.

Looking at those action sequences (they make it look really good, don’t they?) and the fighting fit Mr.Bond the next thing I know is that I was standing on my feet (without even realising it) and I was already looking my gym gear. It was already 9.40 p.m and in the next 3 mins I was out of my house.

This is nothing but the job of a wonderful hormone, Adrenaline. This hormone is what makes guys do the crazy and whacky things they won’t do otherwise.

Find ways to trigger your Adrenaline and it will do wonders for you provided you channelized the energy in the right direction.

Bring Out The Kid In You

Watching your shapeless body every morning in the mirror can be a really depressing. You tend to overlook it and just get on with the day. But a man or a woman in his/her prime of health takes pleasure in watching their bodies in the mirror and feel glad that they did not miss out on their workout sessions the previous day.

So finally when you have decided that you are going to do something good for your body have a look around your place and look at what excites you the most. It’s not necessary that you join the neighbor hood gym where every third guy who is coming out has bulging biceps or a girl with a well toned body and you obviously get excited by looking at that. If you are not too much of a gym guy/girl types, the chances of dropping out from the gym are even higher and your strong determination of working your body out will come down crashing.

There are plenty of options available these days. Try to associate workouts with fun, then only it can prove to be real stress buster considering your hard day’s work. Bring out the kid out in you. Ask yourself that if you were a kid right now, what would you have loved doing the most ? Go swimming, martial arts. dancing, kick boxing, badminton, lawn tennis, tables tennis, basket ball, etc. Find out what options your locality offers to you and choose what excites you the most. Aerobics can be real fun or else brisk walking or jogging can be done any time. If you are looking for something more peaceful then there is nothing better than Yoga.

Once you have decided, please avoid going for second opinions. There are people who will try to find out flaws in your personal interests and will pull down your morale. Just go ahead and do it. But all the more it will be tremendously helpful if you could find a partner who shares a common interest. Your probability of attending the activity almost everyday will automatically increase. If your partner is your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife then nothing like it. Not only will you be able to workout together but also will be able to spend some quality time with each other.

So, bring out the kid in you and just do it.