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Are Too Many Calories Bothering You ?

Its not surprising for most of us to freak out on hearing the word,”Calories”. If we happen to buy anything to eat today, 95% of the times we check the calorific content it has. But why do we do that now ? As kids we never used to give a damn about it and just used to shove anything in our mouth which seemed to visually attractive and creamy and colorful. This is most of the times the kind of stuff which has calorie content and will make any adult put on weight whose body metabolism is kind of sluggish.

So what’s the fuss about calories is all about? Let me simplify it for those who are looking for answers. Lets try to put it like this, “Calories are nothing but simply energy”. Your body draws energy from the food that you eat to help itself continue to do the day to day activities you have to do. Or let’s say, Food = Energy. More Food = More Energy and Less Food = Less Energy. Only co-relate the food which you have at home every day and not the pizza, burger or the fries.

Your body needs only a certain amount of energy to perform your day to day activities. So why are too many calories bothering you ? Because all of us are not blessed with good body metabolism (BMR). If we have food more than the our body requirement, what do you think happens to the excess energy it produces ? Your body is too smart than you think. Its ┬álike it has got its own brain. The excess energy which is produced by the excess food is converted to fat and is stored in your body. That’s the primary reason you start getting out of shape.

This is something which has been passed on to us by our ancestors who used to hunt for food and used to have meals very less often than we have. So their bodies used to immediately convert incoming energy food into fat in fear of not getting food again for couple of days or more. By doing so the stored fat can be used to produce energy in the absence of food. Smart, isn’t it? Unfortunately the genes which are responsible for doing this have been transferred to us from them and also we have food more often and that too in different varieties than they used to.

So don’t let too many calories bother you. Plan your meals well. Find out your BMR and plan your meals accordingly. By this you will get an idea how much you need to eat everyday and it will help you in not overeating. Have small meals every 2 to 3 hours so that your BMR stays active and work your body out to stay fit and fine.