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Why Healthy Diet Is The Key To Happiness

On my quest to finding out how can a healthy diet make a person feel really good and happy. I came across this great picture which says it all. Hats off to the artist who created this picture. It shows the comparison of the thought process of a healthy and

Health Resolutions For 2013

For somebody who has a tough job to look after all health resolutions for 2013 go for a toss eventually. This happens as the job seems to get the most of you. You mind stays more focused on job and is under constant stress. This not only destroys your resolutions

In the Prime Of Health

Modern day lifestyle can come with its own share of drawbacks. With more money in wallet these days, there seems to be an increasing tendency towards eating anything which appears to be mouth-watering.   Its food, food and  food everywhere, attracting you towards it and within no time it has found