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What Is Green Coffee Extract And How It Helps To Prevent Diabetes

I had absolutely no idea what green coffee is until I came across an article which highlighted its use to prevent diabetes. Being a green tea junkie I was more than interested to find out the benefits offered by green coffee or it’s extract. I went through various articles on the web and here is what I found out..

What is Green Coffee?What is green cofffee

The coffee seeds (referred as beans) are unroasted mature or immature in nature. On roasting they turn brown in color, the form which we usually see in the market or in the coffee shops.

This unroasted green coffee though has some benefits but it cannot be had in its natural form and hence the extracts are removed from the seeds and are filled in a capsule to make it more compatible for us to consume.

What is Green coffeeAccording a new research it is said that green coffee beans may have multiple benefits for diabetics. The extracts from the coffee beans helps to lower the glucose levels and also helps in losing weight. A natural therapy like this for controlling blood sugar levels can come as a big boon for people who are suffering from diabetes.

I was also amazed to read about the benefits it has when it comes to weight loss and controlling of blood sugar levels. In our body when glucose is absorbed into the blood stream, insulin is released so that it can move glucose out of the blood and then our body stores in the form of fat for body’s energy requirements.┬áThe green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. This chlorogenic acid helps by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream and hence the insulin release is also slowed down. Thus, by keeping the blood sugar levels in control, the fat production in the body can be slowed down. When there in no glucose available in the blood stream for energy production, our body uses the already stored fat for producing energy, which will help you lose excess fat.

The chlorogenic acid is also thought to have an effect to lower down blood pressure and an early research also claims that it may also be useful in fighting Alzheimer’s disease and have anti-ageing properties.

The green coffee extracts seems to have some promising results as a natural therapy for preventing diabetes and wight loss. Since it’s in early stage of research we would like to hear about it from diabetic patients who have used this therapy. So please do share your experiences in the comments form below.

Surgery to keep Diabetes in Check ?

Diabetes – The slow killer disease might have just found a unique way in which it can be tackled. It’s in the form of Surgery. India, which is home to more than 60 million diabetics can see a new ray of hope.

A diabetic patient, who had lost his vision and his kidneys too were in a bad shape, underwent a surgery in Mumbai where the doctors cut open his stomach and rearranged his small intestine in such a manner that his diabetes would come under control. Today, after 4 years, this patient doesn’t need insulin anymore, whose sugar levels used to hover between 200 and 300 units (normal range being 70-100 units in fasting state). So no more insulin shots or swallowing pills for this patient, at least for now.

This is among the longest running studies conducted in the world.This kind of treatment is not done on all patients but mostly on patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30-35. Also some patients after the gastric bypass surgery have reported weight loss which helps a lot to keep the disease in check. It is believed that the surgery leads to production of certain enzymes in the digestive system that helps balance blood sugar.

Doctors agree that it’s too early to embrace surgery as the best option as it is not yet known that how the patients body is going to react after a decade or two. But the patient definitely gets a break from the disease and his/her vital organs get a much-needed respite from the harmful effects of the disease.

Well, it’s really a blessing for overweight diabetics and theprimehealth.net will always try to help those who are suffering from the disease through updates from this site. Remember, “Prevention is always better than cure”. The hereditary nature of this disease makes it even more dangerous. People who parents have a history of diabetes should go for regular sugar level checks through proper pathological procedures. Always be active and never allow anything (your job,familly,friends) coming in your way of maintaining good physical fitness. Eat healthy and live life in the prime of your health.