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10,000 steps a day to stay healthy!

According to a research done by an US university it was found out that at least 10,000 steps a day are necessary for an adult to stay fit. I am sure by now you must be actually calculating the amount of walking you do. It may come as a surprise to many of us, but it should be understood that humans were also primitively nothing less than animals.They used to walk, run, hunt, climb and travel just by the foot. Our genes have pretty much remained the same since then, I guess.

Today with the ease of travelling through cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. it’s really a question about the amount of walking we actually do. Simply speaking, the amount of energy that our body has to disburse everyday is not happening.This in turn leads to a sedentary lifestyle and then obesity and then chronic diseases. People who have read my previous post will better understand this. Well if we are not involved in any other form of workout, then this is really a matter of concern.

This particular study was done using pedometers and they have laid down certain classifications depending on the number of steps:

1. Less than 5000 steps/day – Sedentary Lifestyle

2. 5000 – 7499 steps /day – Low Physical Activity

3. 7500 Р9999 steps/day Р Somewhat Active

4. 10,000 steps and a bit more per day – “Active

5. 12,500 steps and more – Highly Active

Just have an approximate estimate of the amount of walking you actually do. I know a couple of my friends who start from their house in a car, reach the office premises, take an elevator, reach to their respective cubes, spend the entire day in front of their laptops and go home pretty much by the same route and they don’t even workout !! I am really worried for them.

Are you also like one of my friends ? If yes then you should also start worrying about yourself. I think majority of the lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, heart blockages, hypertension come because simple we don’t do any walking, nor are we involved in any form of workouts. So better start walking wherever possible. Walk when you talk on mobile phones, use stairs whenever possible, don’t stay for ever at your office desk. take a break, walk around and come back. Grab a pair of new sports shoes, get excited, wake up early and have a brisk walk around the park. Make sure you take those 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy.

Bring Out The Kid In You

Watching your shapeless body every morning in the mirror can be a really depressing. You tend to overlook it and just get on with the day. But a man or a woman in his/her prime of health takes pleasure in watching their bodies in the mirror and feel glad that they did not miss out on their workout sessions the previous day.

So finally when you have decided that you are going to do something good for your body have a look around your place and look at what excites you the most. It’s not necessary that you join the neighbor hood gym where every third guy who is coming out has bulging biceps or a girl with a well toned body and you obviously get excited by looking at that. If you are not too much of a gym guy/girl types, the chances of dropping out from the gym are even higher and your strong determination of working your body out will come down crashing.

There are plenty of options available these days. Try to associate workouts with fun, then only it can prove to be real stress buster considering your hard day’s work. Bring out the kid out in you. Ask yourself that if you were a kid right now, what would you have loved doing the most ? Go swimming, martial arts. dancing, kick boxing, badminton, lawn tennis, tables tennis, basket ball, etc. Find out what options your locality offers to you and choose what excites you the most. Aerobics can be real fun or else brisk walking or jogging can be done any time. If you are looking for something more peaceful then there is nothing better than Yoga.

Once you have decided, please avoid going for second opinions. There are people who will try to find out flaws in your personal interests and will pull down your morale. Just go ahead and do it. But all the more it will be tremendously helpful if you could find a partner who shares a common interest. Your probability of attending the activity almost everyday will automatically increase. If your partner is your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife then nothing like it. Not only will you be able to workout together but also will be able to spend some quality time with each other.

So, bring out the kid in you and just do it.