How To Stay Fit And Healthy In An Office Job

Does the sight of your ever-growing belly making you sad and depressed? Is it difficult for you to work out or do yoga as your office time is eating up most of your day? But you still are determined to stay healthy while keeping up your office job and so you are here looking for some answers. Well no one can promise a miracle but you got to start somewhere to stay fit and healthy in an office job.

There are a few things which you can take care of right away and implement a few simple things towards achieving your goals of having a good health without missing out on your work. Well if you are able to achieve this feat, it’s going to really piss off some of your jealous colleagues, which will leave them thinking,”How on earth were you able to do that?” Feeling motivated already? Good, so let’s get started.

1. Water

Use this cheap resource very well to benefit yourself. Start your day with at least 2 to 3 glasses of water,or even better add a dash of lime and 1 spoon of honey to your water. This will kick-start your metabolism and will help you burn some fat.

2. Don’t dare miss out of breakfast

Make this a cardinal rule, that no matter what, you are just not going to skip your breakfast. Having a wholesome breakfast gives you energy to carry out your work till lunch break and will keep you away from snacking on unhealthy stuff. Make sure you have breakfast at home and not on your way to office with burgers, fries or rolls which has a high amount of salt and calories.  A good wholesome breakfast of oats, muesli, cereals with fruits like bananas,papaya or pineapple which will pack you up with carbohydrates and fiber is a good way to treat your body in the morning.

3. Lunch Time

If you get this correct you will put yourself of fast track to get fit and healthy in an office job. Bring your own lunch dear. No, that doesn’t mean buying yourself one from the restaurant, but straight from your house. Restaurants many a times offer large portions and you end up eating more than required ( and feel sleepy in those killing noon hours).

4. Avoid coffee or other sugary drinks and sodas

If you are feeling sleepy after your lunch have green tea. This will not add up your calorie intake and will in fact keep your metabolism active so that you burn some calories and stay awake too.

5. Don’t sit in your chair forever

If you find your chair very relaxing, just have a look at your tummy and you will realize what it has done to you. Don’t sit on your chair for more than 20 mins, stand up, walk around a bit. Don’t use the intercom, instead visit your colleague’s cubicle. If your company is paying for your mobile then there is nothing like it. Keep on walking while you are on your phone.

6. Ditch the elevator

Go the old way, use stairs. What to do if your office is on the 20th floor? Well at least climb 3 to 4 floors and then take the elevator. When you climb stairs, you are using almost more than 200 muscles to climb a single stair. Imagine the amount of calories you will burn by doing this everyday. Do use stairs to climb down as well, though you may require less energy to do that, but your muscles still need to do their job to get to the ground floor.

7. Find the farthest spot to park your car

Most people think its smart to park the car close to the lobby so that they will be able to access the car after the office. You act real smart here, park as far as you can and brisk walk you way to the lobby. From here on you can take the stairs as well. Oh, are you the only one who is hitting the stairs and others who are waiting their turn at the lift giving you weird glances? No, believe me those are not weird glances, they are just too ashamed to do what you are doing. So feel proud and hit the stairs with dignity.

8. Don’t let stress get the better of you

Stress or anxiety will kill all your efforts to get healthy in an office job. You may over eat or snack on unhealthy foods or drink way more than the limits when under stress. If you get stressed up easily, learn meditation or some breathing techniques which will help you release stress. And don’t let any bad things happened to you at the office get hold of you. Let go off such things as soon as you can as holding up to them will do you no good.

9.  What are you having for dinner?

Long day at work can keep you hungry for most of the evening and you may tend to over eat at dinner. Have some nuts and dry fruits in you office bag. Have them in the evening to curb hunger. Have a light dinner which does not have any carbs and is more on protein and fiber.

10. Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that a good amount of sleep is crucial for you to keep weight gain at bay and you will feel refreshed for your next day at work and be more active and energetic. This will also help in consuming less coffee at work.

These tips are really simple to follow and I have tried out this stuff and I have been able to stay fit and healthy in my office job. Try to implement these 10 tips for you stay fit and healthy in an office job and see the difference that you will do to yourself.

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