A Paradise Near Udaipur – Jaisamand Lake & Island Resort

It’s hard to find a blissful place like Jaisamand Island Resort and Jaisamand Lake for a short vacation for a weekend where natural beauty is combined with surprisingly awesome resort, especially for a guy like me, who works for a corporate and hardly has time for such places which truly offer a great peace of mind.

I got an opportunity to visit this great location during one of my official tours and having never heard of this place before I was more than exited. I was completely bowled over by the beauty of this lovely lake and the island over which the resort is built.

It takes around 60 to 90 mins to reach this place from Udaipur airport and upon reaching there you will be greeted by vast beauty of the lake which will seem to appear suddenly out of no where. In fact, while travelling by road you will not get a feel of the beautiful place you are actually going to arrive at and you will think many times whether you are on the right path. But the drive will be an exiting one which will take you through small villages of Rajasthan.

A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island ResortTo go to the resort special boat services are arranged by the resort management (free of charges) to take you to the island on which the resort is based and it takes 20 minutes cover the distance of 3.5 km. En route to the resort you will cherish the magnificent views of the surrounding areas of the lake. On reaching, you can’t just stop saying ‘wow’ at almost every step you take towards the main property.A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island Resort

The reception area may not excite you much and don’t let that feeling fool you as the best is yet to come until you check in your rooms. If you have chosen a deluxe room, you will gasp at the very first sight of the room and you will be left completely amazed by the vastness it offers. The very first thing that you would want to do is to open the curtains and let your eyes feast on the beautiful view of the Jaisamand lake. Turning around, you will be greeted by the mammoth four-poster bed and you won’t be able to stop from throwing yourself on it.A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island ResortA Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island Resort

A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island Resort


The rooms are clean with fine interiors and the lighting provides a great ambiance and a pleasant feel to the room. You can have the best of your time with your special one here. Every second that passes by showers you with royal luxury and pleasure. The paintings hung in the rooms and the corridors of the resort tell you about the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Almost every corridor opening has mesmerizing views to offer.

Mornings here are so calm and pleasant. Order some tea or coffee and use the balconies to sip on your warm indulgence and let your eyes soak the some divine scenery. You will feel out of the world and completely disconnected from your daily chores. Don’t let your mobiles or laptops or pads spoil all the fun and make the best of the time that you are here.

If you don’t want to skip your workout, use the gym facility then. The gym A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island ResortA Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island Resortis not the best you can imagine off, but can help you get through basic exercises and burn some calories for you. If you are feeling too bored and lonely in the gym then just hit the large swimming pool which is just next to the gym. You must be really wondering that if the pool can really help. Oh yes! as it has got a section which is 7 to 8 feet deep and you can easily do some laps and some diving and swim your heart out.

A Paradise Near Udaipur - Jaisamand Lake & Island ResortNext to the pool are beautifully positioned sunbathing chairs that offers a superb view of the lake and the hills nearby. You can also get great massage on prior request at the reception. This place truly rejuvenate your senses and offers great relaxation to mind and body. If you are badly looking for a break then a 2 night stay at this place is a must.

Rates at Jaisamand Island Resort are reasonably good given that the kind of royal experience that you can get here. For a couple a room would cost Rs.5500/- (approx, excluding taxes) for a night. A suite would cost Rs. 6500/- (approx, excluding taxes) and a Villa suite would cost Rs.9500/-(approx, excluding taxes) for a night. This above rates does not include breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also enquire for package rates that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The best time to visit this place is from August when the place looks lush green due to the monsoon, till February. The place is easily accessible form the nearby cities like Ahmedabad, Indore and Udaipur provided you take your own vehicle or hire one. The accommodation for the drivers is taken care by the resort management somewhere else and not on the resort. So don’t let anything stop your form taking another great and a short vacation. It’s one of the must see places, especially if you have covered other spots nearby your place. Jaisamand Iake and Jaisamand Island Resort is truly is an amazing experience, go check it out for yourself.

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