Coffee Can Boost Your Memory !

Are you like me, who just can’t do without coffee? If yes, there is some good news for coffee lovers. This ecstatic dark brown liquid can actually do your brain some good. Coffee can actually boost your memory !

Coffee has long been a subject of debate whether it is good or bad for your health, but anything over the limit will certainly do damage to you. But how about having a cup hot steaming coffee just after revisions for an exam or after preparing for a presentation, which will help you remember all the stuff ? Well, it won’t really hurt to gulp down a couple of cups.

Scientists have been able to show that the effects of coffee can last for at least 24 hours. In a clinical, trail volunteers were given 200 mg caffeine pills (which would be roughly equivalent to a double espresso) and some were given placebo 5 minutes after studying a series of images. The next day these volunteers were tested on how better they were able to recall the images they had seen the previous day. The tests showed that those who had caffeine pills their memory had been enhanced at a deep level.

Dr.Micheal Yassa from the John Hopkins University, Baltimore said, “We have always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing effects on strengthening memories and making them resistant to forgetting  has never been examined in detail in humans. We report for the first time a specific effect of caffeine on reducing forgetting over 24 hours.”

There were over 100 participants in the study who were not regular users of coffee or caffeine products. They were shown a series of images before giving caffeine pills or placebo. The next day both the caffeine and the placebo groups were tested on their ability to recognize the images which had been shown to them earlier. Some of the images were same as they had seen the previous day, some were new and some were similar but not identical.

Almost all of the participants were able to identify between the new and the old images, but those who had taken caffeine were better able to spot the ‘similar’ images. The identification of similar images required deep level of memory retention and this was very much provided by caffeine to some participants.

This is what a double shot of espresso can do to you as well. Just before the big day if you are really feeling nervous, don’t worry and relax with a cup hot cup of coffee. Now that you know how coffee can boost your memory, you know what to do.

Photo Credit: Timothy Boyd

Are you having trouble getting an erection?

Life can take a plunge if you are having trouble getting an erection, also known as erectile dysfunction. These problems are majorly associated with older men but of lately many young men have started to experience these problems. But there is an even bigger problem than this, which is men not speaking up about the apparent condition they are suffering with.  Acting like this is only stupid as these erection problems are very much curable and also more easy to be cured in young men.

If you are having a trouble getting an erection, you would want to know how to get rid of the problems and you would definitely would want to surf the net. You would be instantly bombarded with tons of adverts showing magical medications that will cure your problem in just a few days. Well don’t get fooled by these adverts as the problem may not be that complicated and is more that often associated with psychological parameters or if you are suffering from problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis or any physical injury.

How does one get an erection?

If you don’t know it yet then get this in your mind that your brain controls everything. Well when sex is on your mind or when you are fantasizing, your brain sends signals to the nerves to pump blood in the blood vessels which go through your penis and makes it hard enough for you to have a go.

So obviously somewhere between this entire process something goes wrong and you are not able to hold your pride up longer or you can’t get it up at all.

Many factors can come into play to disturb this process and you may have trouble getting an erection. Well more than often men are able to overcome this problem with the help of some good advice from the doctors which are mostly related to psychological conditions.

What you can do to overcome erection problems?

1. Stress  Or Anxiety

Stress or Anxiety issues may affect up to 20% of all erection problems. When you are stressed, your body releases adrenaline which leads to constriction of blood vessels and this will definitely affect your ability to get an erection.  If  you feel stressed due to work or financial issues you should seek the help of a good councilor who will guide you out of it and most importantly don’t forget to discuss these issues with your partner. When your partner understands you, half your worries will disappear and you will be relaxed, so don’t hesitate.

2. Depression

Well basically you are not your true self when you are depressed and you allow negativity take the better of you. It’s common for men who are depresses to lose interest in sex and even if you are encouraged by your partner you are not sure about your erection. You need to work on getting your brain right first, finding your true self and things will automatically improve. Learn the art of meditation and seek advice from a mental health practitioner.

3. Smoking

You know it’s bad for your health and don’t be surprised if this habit of yours has found a way to wreck your sex life too. Nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels and has long-term effects. So it’s better to get rid of it. Enroll for a ‘get addiction free’ program and detoxify yourself and naturally improve your sexual health.

4. Alcohol

You simply can’t do without it, don’t you? Well you have to pay the price for anything overdone and here you have lost your erection to alcohol. Alcohol acts as a depressant and it can depress your erection. So if you are already having erection problems it’s really a bad idea to drink before having intercourse. Limit your alcohol to just one or two drinks. If you drink daily, reduce the frequency to once or just twice a week. You will get definite improvements.

5. Work that body out

Your body is bound to get fatigued by the hours that you are putting at work. But how much time do you give for your body? Even if you would have given 30 mins of exercise to your body, you would have not encountered erectile problems. You body can only stay in shape and function perfectly when you keep your body fit by regular exercising.

Erectile dysfunction problems can be frustrating and it will be only wise of you if you seek help from a medical practitioner. Well doctors will prescribe you drugs which will help you for the night, but even they will advice you things which are mentioned above for a good long-term sexual health.

So if you are having trouble getting an erection, don’t panic. Talk to your partner and address the issue well for a better sexual life.

The Amazing Benefits Of Weight Training

Are you terrified of imagining yourself lifting weights? Or do you think weight training is not for you? I used to think the same when I weighed 84 Kg and I thought that I would lose weight if I started running, which I did, but soon my legs couldn’t keep up with my determination. Going to the gym was not at all on my mind until one fine day, when I was really ashamed to look at my self in the mirror I went to the near by gym.

I explained the gym manager what I wanted to achieve in terms of weight loss and I don’t want to build muscles as I feared that I would look really bulky. The manager who had a vast experience said to me, “You don’t have enough knowledge and you will do much better with weight training.” Without giving a second thought I got myself enrolled in the gym only to discover the amazing benefits of weight training.

My 1st gym had very basic equipment with literally no cardio equipment like the treadmill or elliptical. I lost close to 20 kg just by weight training and diet control.

If you think weight training is only for professionals like body builders or athletes, you are completely wrong. Everyone can do weight training and benefit from it. Think it this way, man initially had to all strenuous work of hunting, cooking, farming, etc. There were no offices then or junk food to eat or television to watch the whole day. Man was naturally capable of living the cave life. As the world advanced and physical work became less, some smart brains thought if man lost his natural strength he would die of diseases and hence this is how gyms came into the picture  (Please don’t think seriously over it, but think how important it is for you to do weight training).

Why should you do weight training?

Apart from just the muscular stuff there are many amazing benefits of weight training.

1.Weight Loss

If you are seriously planning to lose weight and if you want faster results then you will have to embrace weight training with your whole heart.  Well to keep it simple, more the muscles in your body, faster will be your weight loss.

Muscle tissue burns more calories and influences the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) so you will burn calories even when your body is at rest.

2. Clothes fit really nice

When you build muscles you may actually not see the weight difference as the muscle density per inch of your body is more than the fat density per inch. But the muscles are compact and take up less space which means stronger muscles are will make clothes fit great on you.

3. Increased Bone Density

Studies have shown that people who weight train at least 3 times a week are less prone of osteoporosis. It’s important that you do some weight baring activities to give your bones a healthy long life.

4. Improves Athletic Performance

Do you think the international athletes can do without weight training? Apart from the regular practice they also invest time in building overall muscles. More muscles will give extra power, so be it kicking the ball, pulling a swim stroke or sprinting, muscles will just boost your performance (think of Usian Bolt, he is all muscles in there!).

5. Boost Your Self Esteem

Imagine yourself with a flatter stomach and a toned body. Everyone respects a person who is able to maintain good fitness even at 50. Having a toned physique helps you add confidence to whatever you do in life. 

Don’t get scared  – Especially women who think they will develop muscles and will lose their curves. Well, women don’t produce enough testosterone which naturally won’t make them go pumping iron like men do. In fact, proper weight training will help women with good posture, healthy bones and a good toned body which will highlight their curves and not lose them and that jeans is going to look so fab on you lady!

For amazing benefits of weight training start as soon as you can. Start with lighter weights and the initial repetitions should be really easy to pull, only the last 2 or 3 should be the hard ones. Slowly your muscles will grow and you will be able to life more weights for the same no.of repetitions. 

Give your body a whole new meaning with the amazing benefits of weight training.

Say No To Sugar For Younger Looking Skin

Everyone wishes that their skin should never age and it should keep looking younger. This also comes with certain efforts that one needs to take in  order to have a younger looking skin. There are tons of anti-aging products available which can claim to reverse the aging of skin and make you look 10 or 20 years younger (seriously???). But these products, even if they work may show you results which may not be long-lasting. They may make your skin softer but making it look younger is not so easy.

How great it would be that a small change in your diet  may do wonders for your skin. Saying no to sugar is the first thing that you should be doing for you to have a younger looking skin. Of course you body cannot do without sugar but at least whatever excess sugar that you may be taking in can be stopped to moderate your sugar intake, typically with those kind of people who like to have something sweet after lunch or dinner or just people with a really big sweet tooth.

The fact is that sugar can actually be a biggest enemy of your skin if you allow your sweet cravings to take over you.  The sweets which you have break down the proteins in not such a good way which causes Advance Glycation End products ( aptly abbreviated as AGE). This  causes the proteins in the collagen of your skin to become stiff, thus making the skin age faster and also causing brittleness in your hair.

Doctors say that excess sugar will cause skin tags and pigmentation and will also lead to the darkening of your skin. Excess sugar can also stimulate oil glands which will make your skin oily and sticky and people with sensitive skin can also develop acne.

What is Glycation?

Well, this process in not  a usual one happening in your body but whenever you are high on sugar and you have foods with high glycemic index like white breads, pastas, creamy biscuits, desserts, such an overload can cause glycation. This is also one of the main contributors to wrinkles, deep lines and sagging skin.

In glycation, the sugar molecules attach themselves to the proteins in the collagen of the skin without the influence of any enzyme.  This causes the skin to lose its flexibility and making the skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

How sugar can harm your looks?

We all know that excess sugar can have serious health issues but when it harms your skin it will obviously hurt your looks. Especially people with type 2 diabetes should be more careful when its comes to skin care as they are more vulnerable to thickening of the skin in the upper neck or at the back of the neck, darkening and thickening of the skin in the underarms, under the breasts, etc. ( Now you why some people look that weird?)

You may be young or you may be old but your skin has to be looked after all the time to keep it looking younger or trying to make it look younger (hope you got what I want to say).  Excess sugar levels in your blood always puts your skin at a risk of bacterial or fungal infections, boils, warts, herpes etc.  Your immunity also takes a hit and you become more susceptible to reactions and allergies.  If you are obese then you make have deal with issues like slow healing and the effects mentioned above will be more adverse.

You may or may not be in the quest to achieve a younger looking skin but it best in the overall interest of your health to avoid excess sugar from entering your body. If you really want to have a fabulous younger looking skin they you will want to go a step ahead and do more like eating lots of fruits and veggies, have a good anti-oxidant intake, exercise, etc. Also anti-aging products will actually do wonders here when you are in this mode. Please share your views on this in the comments section below and also share if you have been able to really turn around the way your skin looks.

So, say no to excess sugar and rejuvenate your skin for a younger look.

How To Have A Stronger Immune System For The Winters

Winter is here and you may be on the verge of getting a cold which will dampen your spirits of enjoying the winter. Do you think your immune system is strong enough so that it can take care of your body through the winter? Even if you are not sure its better to be prepared as you don’t want to fall sick, at least  in the winters.

You are most prone to fall prey to infections as your body is not that active and viruses spread like anything, with almost every third person around you sneezing his nose out. So its pretty important to make sure that you are prepared to take the winter head on and just have fun with the snowballs.

1. Don’t go down on water

Its only obvious to feel less thirsty in wither and the fact that the more you drink water more you will have to attend the nature’s call will keep you away from water. But water helps in the production of lymph and carries the white blood cells and other immune system cells. So make sure that you are having enough water in the winters.

2. Vitamin C is your best friend in winter

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and keeps you away from infections. Have lots of fruits and vegetables like sweet lime, oranges, lemon, berries, kiwi and green leafy vegetables.

3.  Don’t forget Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in the production of natural killer cells and beta cells that produce antibodies that destroys bacteria. Have almonds, blueberries, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables, the foods that are rich in vitamin E.

4. Embrace Probiotics

Your immune system depends on how good your gut is. Probiotics are the “good” bacterial which which helps your intestine to stay healthy, balanced and free of toxicity.  There are many brand of probiotic drinks available and you can also get these good bacteria from yogurt, kefir or kimchi.

5. Exercise

You may feel sleepy after your day at the office and its just not possible to leave the warmth  of the bed in the morning.  Make up your mind to exercise daily for at least 30 mins. Some good yogic stretches or some cardio is only going to make things better for your body. Exercising make your immune system to work more efficiently and also will help in giving you a peaceful sleep which again is going to help you build up immunity.

6. Maintain a healthy diet

Your stomach has got more chances of cramping in the winter. Be light on your stomach and have foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants will help you get rid of free radicals which can damage your internal health.  Have fruits and vegetables daily for a good dose of antioxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon or walnuts are beneficial for a good health. Avoid red meat and be more on fiber.

7. Don’t stress out

You may have bad day at work or you may working on an important project, but it’s only stupid to allow stress to take the better of you. Stress weakens your immune system and its thus easy for you to fall prey to infections. Practice meditation or stress relaxing techniques to manage stress better.

8. Antibiotics may not be the answer

Taking antibiotics will also kill the good bacteria in your gut and thus weaken your immunity. If its not that necessary, avoid antibiotics completely. For mild cough or colds you can have lemon, honey and ginger with hot water to reduce the effect of cold and let your body’s defense deal with the cold.

9. Make the most of the sun

Depending on where you live the amount of sunlight you receive may vary in the winter. But whenever you get an opportunity, get out in the sun and have a walk. Vitamin D is important to strengthen your immune system. It’s best to have a stroll or better even run in the morning under sunlight for at least 30 mins.

Make sure that you have a stronger immune system for the winter and have fun!

How To Stay Fit And Healthy In An Office Job

Does the sight of your ever-growing belly making you sad and depressed? Is it difficult for you to work out or do yoga as your office time is eating up most of your day? But you still are determined to stay healthy while keeping up your office job and so you are here looking for some answers. Well no one can promise a miracle but you got to start somewhere to stay fit and healthy in an office job.

There are a few things which you can take care of right away and implement a few simple things towards achieving your goals of having a good health without missing out on your work. Well if you are able to achieve this feat, it’s going to really piss off some of your jealous colleagues, which will leave them thinking,”How on earth were you able to do that?” Feeling motivated already? Good, so let’s get started.

1. Water

Use this cheap resource very well to benefit yourself. Start your day with at least 2 to 3 glasses of water,or even better add a dash of lime and 1 spoon of honey to your water. This will kick-start your metabolism and will help you burn some fat.

2. Don’t dare miss out of breakfast

Make this a cardinal rule, that no matter what, you are just not going to skip your breakfast. Having a wholesome breakfast gives you energy to carry out your work till lunch break and will keep you away from snacking on unhealthy stuff. Make sure you have breakfast at home and not on your way to office with burgers, fries or rolls which has a high amount of salt and calories.  A good wholesome breakfast of oats, muesli, cereals with fruits like bananas,papaya or pineapple which will pack you up with carbohydrates and fiber is a good way to treat your body in the morning.

3. Lunch Time

If you get this correct you will put yourself of fast track to get fit and healthy in an office job. Bring your own lunch dear. No, that doesn’t mean buying yourself one from the restaurant, but straight from your house. Restaurants many a times offer large portions and you end up eating more than required ( and feel sleepy in those killing noon hours).

4. Avoid coffee or other sugary drinks and sodas

If you are feeling sleepy after your lunch have green tea. This will not add up your calorie intake and will in fact keep your metabolism active so that you burn some calories and stay awake too.

5. Don’t sit in your chair forever

If you find your chair very relaxing, just have a look at your tummy and you will realize what it has done to you. Don’t sit on your chair for more than 20 mins, stand up, walk around a bit. Don’t use the intercom, instead visit your colleague’s cubicle. If your company is paying for your mobile then there is nothing like it. Keep on walking while you are on your phone.

6. Ditch the elevator

Go the old way, use stairs. What to do if your office is on the 20th floor? Well at least climb 3 to 4 floors and then take the elevator. When you climb stairs, you are using almost more than 200 muscles to climb a single stair. Imagine the amount of calories you will burn by doing this everyday. Do use stairs to climb down as well, though you may require less energy to do that, but your muscles still need to do their job to get to the ground floor.

7. Find the farthest spot to park your car

Most people think its smart to park the car close to the lobby so that they will be able to access the car after the office. You act real smart here, park as far as you can and brisk walk you way to the lobby. From here on you can take the stairs as well. Oh, are you the only one who is hitting the stairs and others who are waiting their turn at the lift giving you weird glances? No, believe me those are not weird glances, they are just too ashamed to do what you are doing. So feel proud and hit the stairs with dignity.

8. Don’t let stress get the better of you

Stress or anxiety will kill all your efforts to get healthy in an office job. You may over eat or snack on unhealthy foods or drink way more than the limits when under stress. If you get stressed up easily, learn meditation or some breathing techniques which will help you release stress. And don’t let any bad things happened to you at the office get hold of you. Let go off such things as soon as you can as holding up to them will do you no good.

9.  What are you having for dinner?

Long day at work can keep you hungry for most of the evening and you may tend to over eat at dinner. Have some nuts and dry fruits in you office bag. Have them in the evening to curb hunger. Have a light dinner which does not have any carbs and is more on protein and fiber.

10. Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that a good amount of sleep is crucial for you to keep weight gain at bay and you will feel refreshed for your next day at work and be more active and energetic. This will also help in consuming less coffee at work.

These tips are really simple to follow and I have tried out this stuff and I have been able to stay fit and healthy in my office job. Try to implement these 10 tips for you stay fit and healthy in an office job and see the difference that you will do to yourself.

Experience Life In The Prime Of Your Health

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