How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally


When your skin glows naturally, you know for sure that you are in a perfect state of health and you don’t really have to try hard to make your skin glow the way you want to.  To maintain a healthy skin it’s important that you take care of skin your skin externally as well as internally. While the external part is thinkable, you may find yourself scratching your head as to know how exactly to care for your skin from within.

Your skin is an organ which your body utilizes to throw away toxins and dead cells. Now what exactly goes out of your skin is important as it will have an effect on the way your skin looks and feels.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can do a lot of good to your skin from within. On the other hand junk food, processed foods that have high salt content will have a negative impact on your skin. So if you are looking for something that will make your skin glow (I guess, that is why you are here) it’s important to eat food that loves pampering your skin.

What will make my skin glow?

You will find thousands of products to apply on your skin which will have miraculous results on you. But sadly the effects will start to wear off after a few hours and you will end up looking as you used to, prior to applying the cream on your body. If you would have been eating the right food a simple face wash and a good hairdo should be more than enough to hit out for that weekend party. Here are some foods that you need to include in your diet more often to have a naturally glowing skin.


How much lemon juice do you really include in your diet? Well there are people who will just keep squeezing lemon juice in everything they eat, where there are people like me who like the natural taste that the prepared food offers (lemons alter the taste completely). Well in that case there is hardly any lemon going in my body.

Lemon juice contains lots of vitamin C and it is a good skin cleanser. If you are the one like me who doesn’t like squeezing lemon juice in the food then the best way for you put lemon juice in your body is to have it with a glass of warm water and a tsp of honey every morning.  Lemon juice has astringent properties which helps in lightening the skin tone and diminishes acne scars.

Green Tea

No don’t do the ‘yuck’ thing.  Nothing else can be compared to the complete benefits offered by green tea. Really it’s the best gift you can give to your skin. As far the taste part goes, it’s really doesn’t taste that bitter, it’s juts what your mind thinks. After having it for a few days, believe me you won’t pay attention to the taste.

Green tea contains components like catechins which are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants will get rid of free radicals which damages your skin cells which gives a less lustrous look to your skin. Make green tea a part of your diet and have 3 – 4 cups of it daily for a better glowing skin.

Pumpkin Seeds

You may be getting rid of the seeds while only retaining the yellow flesh, that’s the thing you don’t want to do if you need a glowing skin. Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc (the beauty mineral) and essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids. Both zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are important in maintenance of the healthy state of skin. Omega 3’s help in giving your skin a soft and supple look. It’s important for the skin to achieve this state to glow.


You will find the use of the extracts of this fruit in many skin care products. Thanks to the skin loving properties present in this fruit. Papaya has been used for skin care since ages. Papaya is another fruit that is rich in antioxidants and it contains a special enzyme called papain which helps in getting rid of dead cells and help in purifying the skin by removing impurities. Have papaya daily to help your skin glow and you can also apply the papaya flesh on your skin as a mask and rinse off after 5 – 10 min for great glowing results.

Brazil Nuts

The last thing that can prevent you form having a good glowing skin in a dry skin. Dry skin looks like a skin without any life and you don’t want to have that kind of skin. Brazil nuts contains selenium that helps to counter dry skin. Apart from that selenium also helps to protect the cells from free radical damage. Having brazil nuts on a regular basis will help you get rid of dry skin and will help in making your skin glow naturally.

These foods will definitely help in bringing a glow on your skin but there are some other important things to be kept in mind too.

Drink enough water – Water is the most essential thing after all and if you are low on water then you may tend to have a dull looking, wrinkle prone less elastic skin. If you don’t have enough water in your body then the above mentioned foods are not going have the desired effect on your skin, forget making the skin glow.

Reduce refined sugar intake – High sugar levels in the body are will give a rise in the insulin levels in the body which leads to an increase in both fat and androgenic hormones. Such things will give you problems like acne and will have a negative impact on your skin’s health.

You might come across a thousands of products through advertisements that will make your skin glow, but the effect of such products is temporary and chemicals in these products may harm your skin in the long run if you use such products on a regular basis.

Giving your skin the kind of nutrition it requires from within will keep your skin in a healthy state, have an everlasting effect effect on your skin and thus will make your skin glow naturally.

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