Laugh Your Heart Out And Keep Looking Young

Good amount of laughing is something we don’t really get to do these days. Such is the situation that we actually have to form a laughter club kind of thing to make our self laugh. People tend to take life too seriously these days and this has devoid them of some good amount of laughter and more over there are some people who just want to make you cry (to hell with them).

Be it any way, if we actually try to add some heavy laughing in our life, it can do a lot of good, in fact that’s the reason why people join these (seemingly stupid for some of us) laughter clubs, to get some good amount of laughing. More over if laughing can keep your heart in a good shape and can keep you looking young, it’s really good to laugh our heart out, right?

What Laughing Does To You?

Well when you laugh you not just stretch muscles of your face but that of your body too. Your heat beat rises and thus your blood pressure, which causes you to breathe faster and this helps to send tons of oxygen to your cells.

It’s like you are doing some mild form of workout and this helps to burn some calories too. Yes, another good reason that you should start laughing more often. Here are some benefits that laughing out loud can give you..

Stress Buster

It’s a no brainer that how good a sudden burst of laughing can make you feel, be it in any situation. When ever you feel low, call up on your old pals and meet them in person, not to discuss your problems but to have some fun or you can watch some good really funny movie sometimes. But you don’t want to be a couch potato. So it’s probably best to hang out with buddies, rather than being lonely.

When there is no stress on you, it shows on your face. You face is warm and glowing and this helps in maintaining a youthful look.

Boosts The Immune System

Laughter has shown to increase the levels of salivary Immunoglobulin A (IgA), an important antibody which helps to fight various infections, especially those of the respiratory ones (you know nasty they are). Such infection can sometimes seriously hamper your health. Also your defensive cells like white blood cells or lymphocytes, B cells and T cells respond positively to laughter.

Laughter also increases your blood circulation and releases negative emotions which in turn help to boost your immunological response. Being in a good state of health obviously promotes lively feeling which helps to keep your looks young for long.

Provides Good Relaxation And Sleep

People have taken up laughter therapy to help them relax. After a good dose of laughing your mind is suddenly so free and you obviously feel a lot more relaxed. Although it is not very sure, but daily laughing seems to have helped people who are suffering from painful conditions (like spondylitis) to have a pain-free sleep.

Feeling relaxed and having a good amount of sleep are very important to your skin to look healthy and young.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Studies have shown that 10 min of laughing per day can lower your risk of heart diseases by 10%. Studies have shown that people who laugh while watching a comedy had an increase in the dilation of blood vessels by one fifth.and the benefits can last up to 24 hours. This is important for people who are at a risk of heart disease to note this, as when you are at a risk for heart disease, the blood vessels are constricted or blocked which is really serious for the heart.

Such people who are at a risk for heart diseases should definitely join a laughter club, as even 10 min of daily laughing will help to keep the blood vessels open, thus helping to regulate the blood flow. A healthy heart is a must for keeping you looking young and energetic.

Impacts Your Blood Sugar Levels

An interesting but a funny study was carried out to study the benefits of laughing on the blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetes patients. A group of patients were made to attend a boring lecture (should be economics, God! I hated it so much) after having a meal. Some other day, the same group were made to have a meal and then they were taken to a comedy show. After checking the blood sugar levels at both the instances, it was found that there was no rise in the blood sugar levels after watching the comedy show than it did after the boring lecture, bravo! Laugh people laugh!

Excess sugar levels in your body can being in a lot of problems and more importantly can make you look older. So cutting down on sugar along with some healthy laughing is a key to keep looking young.

There is no doubt that laughing can work like an anti-ageing agent, provided you incorporate a good amount of laughing daily in your life. If you don’t have buddies with whom you can laugh your evening out then better join a laughter club, I don’t think that’s going to cost you money. But if you don’t laugh enough, it’s definitely going to cost you money at some point of time.

So don’t hold yourself back, laugh your heart out and keep looking young for long.


Photo Credits: Eder Capobianco

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