How To Increase Your Sperm Count – A Guide For A Healthy Sperm

Are you looking to boost your sperm health and sperm count?  What has really prompted you to search for boosting your sperm health. Is it infertility or are you are really scared that the kind of things you may have done in your past has really affected your sperm health.

The ‘Sperm’ has come under a lot of attack recently given the fact that men have become too busy to take care of their health and have invited various diseases to take over, just because we men simply don’t want to do anything that will keep us fit in general.

The problems regarding the fertility of men is increasing day by day and many couples have to conceive by the mercy of the sperm donor as the man in the case cannot produce any sperms.

If you have undergone semen analysis recently, probably because your doctor has asked you to get one done as you don’t produce enough sperms, you must have never thought in your dreams as something like this can happen to you and you and your beloved wife cannot have a baby. Well being sad is not going to help you at all, so you better gear up and nurse your sperm back to health and increase your sperm count too. Just depending  on the prescriptions of your doctor may take a some time, but there are a lot of changes you can do to yourself to achieve healthy sperm and increase your sperm count.

What Is A Healthy Sperm?How To Increase Your Sperm Count - A Guide For A Healthy Sperm

You probably must have never thought about what determines a healthy sperm so let’s first understand that.

In the thick white ejaculated matter are millions of tiny little sperms buzzing with a lot of activity. The factors which you need to look at are:

Quality – Normal sperms (as you can see in the picture) have oval heads and long tails which work in coordination to give a forward momentum to the sperm. A good quality sperm will always be in this shape.

Quantity – Yes, the quantity of sperm that you ejaculate matters and just 1 ml of your sperm ejaculate contains 15 million sperms. Well but just 1 drop of ejaculate is not enough.

Motility – It’s a long way for a sperm from the woman’s cervix to reach the ovum and your sperm should be motile and healthy enough to swim and beat other sperms and to survive the entire length of the journey.

If you are lagging in these departments then the chances of you impregnating your wife are minuscule.  Your sperms need to be very healthy to perform well in all these departments.

How to increase your sperm health and your sperm count?

Here are some essential things like diet and exercise that you need to uptake to boost your sperm health.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The omega 3 fatty acids are very essential for overall male fertility. They are important in maintaining the sperm health and help in giving fluidity to the cell membranes of the sperms which is very important for the motility and fertilization. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish ( mainly tuna or salmon) and walnuts should be regularly consumed to maintain good levels of omega 3 fatty acids in your body.


Zinc in the most important fertility mineral that is required by your body. Zinc help to maintain the normal shape of the sperms thus making them motile and also helps to increase the sperm count. Food that will help you getting zinc in your body are nuts, spinach, beans, chicken and mushrooms. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the daily dose of zinc.

Keeping Your Nuts Cool

Your testicles require a cooler temperature to create sperms, so make sure you give them that environment  by not wearing tight underwear and sleeping in boxers can help a lot. Don’t sit on your desk staring at the computer screen for long. Take a break every 20 mins, walk around a bit before you begin your work again.


Anti-oxidants are required by your body to kill free radicals that can potentially cause a lot of problems to you. Free radicals can cause damage your sperms and will make your make your partner have less chances of conceiving or even if she conceives there may be chances of miscarriage  Our polluted environment and our lifestyle make it easy for the free radicals to attack our body. Have anti-oxidant rich fruits like apples and peaches and a lot of vegetables to get rid of free radicals. Make green tea a part of life, have 3 – 4 cups daily to have good levels of anti-oxidants in your body.

Get Rid Of Smoke

Smoking cigarettes does not do any good anyways, but it harms your sperm like no one else does. Smoking can make your sperm less motile and may also make them shrink in size. Studies have shown that men who smoke have lower sperm counts than men who don’t smoke. So kick the butt for the better health of your sperm.

Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly can help increase testosterone levels in your body and testosterone is required for sperm production. Follow a regimen for weight training and cardio for muscle development and strength training. More muscles on your body will help your body make more testosterone.  Make sure that in the heat of building more muscle you are not using any anabolic steroids as they can be dangerous for your testicles and may in turn reduce your sperm count.

Shed That Extra Weight

You don’t have to be Mr.World to have a healthy sperm and good sperm count, at least don’t burden your body with the extra weight. Studies have shown that obese men tend to have lower sperm counts than non obese men. A healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise will not only just help you to lose wight but will also help in producing healthy sperms.

Life can be harsh sometimes but it’s up to you how you take things in your stride. Good eating habits, regular exercise and a fit body will definitely help you achieve a healthy sperm and a good sperm count.

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