How Collagen Helps To Maintain A Younger Looking Skin

A young looking wrinkle free skin is what everyone desires for and also tend to take some serious efforts to make the skin look really beautiful and adorable. But many try to undergo skin treatments externally without understanding what really makes the skin look supple, radiant and young. A lot of money is spent on buying expensive cosmetics but some don’t like to spend that amount of money on eating the right food that can do wonders for your skin.

If you are not really aware of the facts about what really gives your skin life, please keep reading.

Collagen, a protein that is present in your body is the key to having a beautiful young looking wrinkle free skin. Now imagine why are there no wrinkles on your skin when you are young or how much do you love pulling those chubby cheeks of a cute kid or your loved one. Isn’t it because when you pull those cheeks, you feel some elasticity in them. Try pulling your cheeks for a second, yeah just try it, you may be well 50 year old as well, but still you can pull those cheeks out right? This is possible only because of collagen that is present in your skin. A collagen is nothing but a combination of unique amino acids that make makes up the elasticity in it. 

When you are young, the body’s capacity to generate collagen is very good, but as you cross 35 the collagen degradation starts slowly and in some years the collagen degradation is more than the collagen production. So your skin naturally loses the support to hold it and fine folds start to appear in it and as you age further this process continues.

Although the process occurs naturally, we can certainly slow down this process to maintain a younger looking skin for long.

So let us have a look at how we can help our body build up more collagen and other care that you can take towards a beautiful young looking skin.

1. Bone Broth

Yes you used to have it a lot when your mom used to make it for you, but of late fast food is ruling your stomach. Collagen is important not only for humans but animals as well. Collagen is an important part of bone joints where it helps in the building of cartilage, which helps to ease bone movement and avoid friction. It is in the tendons which help attach muscles to the bones. So boiling down the bones gets this matter in the broth and you are able to consume direct collagen. Make a habit of having bone broth at least once in a week.

2. Good Fats

Consuming fats form fast foods is not only bad for your health but bad for your skin too. But consuming good fats like Omega -3 fatty acids will be beneficial to your skin. Food rich in Omega-3’s like fish (salmon & tuna) or walnuts provide certain amino acids that are beneficial in collagen generation. Omega-3’s have the ability to protect your skin cells and make them fuller which in turn make your skin look really young. Make a habit to have a handful of walnuts every day and have fish curry or tuna sandwich in your meals.

3. Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are your kinghts in shining armour as they are going to scavenge free radicals in your body that can damage the cells. Free radicals breakdown collagen and in the absence of antioxidants they can be really dangerous for your body. Have food rich in Vitamin C as oranges and other citrus fruits that are rich in antioxidants. If you are not having enough vegetables in your diet you should start having at least one portion every day. Daily antioxidant intake will help you to maintain a supple youthful skin for long.

4. Say No to Excess Sugar

The next time you are going for that chocolate layered donut or even the cute looking choco chip cookie, think of what it can do your skin. These delicious gifts are hard to resist but having them too very often is certainly not going to be good for your skin. Excess sugar molecules in your body attach to the protein in the collagen and that too directly, without the influence of any other enzyme. This causes the skin to lose its flexibility and also makes it vulnerable to damage from sun exposure. So keep your sweet cravings in check for the benefit of your skin. Read more on what sugar can do to your skin here.

5. Working Out The Skin

Well this one is a no brainer, when you exercise the skin also works out for itself. Those stretches you give to your body makes the collagen in the skin to expand and relax, this helps to keep the collagen activity in check and also helps to improve collagen generation and if have a good protein intake this can do wonders for your skin. Also when you exercise you start sweating and impurities are thrown out through the pores of your skin making your skin clean from within and helping your skin to glow and making you feel really good when you see your charming face in the mirror.

We naturally have a skin that can keep itself wrinkle free for years, but it’s the choices that we make early on in our life that accelerates the process of ageing. Stress also is one main factor today that can add wrinkles on your skin in your middle age. So eat good, stay fit and help yourself to relax with a nice 8 hour sleep every day to maintain a younger looking skin for long.

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  1. Nice Blog. I tottaly agree with you that sugar is bad for skin. This carbohydrate can give you wrinkles and even adding little salt to your can give you skin problems.

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