How A Good Health Can Give You A Great Life

Miguel Angel Jimenez, is a 48-year-old Spanish professional golfer. He has won 19 times on the European tour and became the oldest winner on the European tour history last Sunday.

Wondering how could he do that at this age ? Well, this is what he said, ” Keep yourself fit and flexible. The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing in life. I have been 19 times winner now. I am 48…. my goodness. It’s 24 years that I have been around (the tour), but I still love it.I think that’s the key. Love what you are doing and enjoy yourself.” He also said,”I keep fit and keep working myself a little bit. I stretch a lot. You need to keep your body in shape to compete with the young guns.”

Now, this is what I call living in the prime of health. When you body is in a great shape you get to enjoy certain other pleasures of life. This man made $2 million from his last tour, he love his wine and cigar, maintains an excellent fitness level and truly lives his life in the prime of his health.

Age doesn’t matter but your fitness always does. This is just an example of how a good health can give you great life. Have a great healthy life.

Photo Credits: Richard Carter

2 Replies to “How A Good Health Can Give You A Great Life”

  1. so true… I so heard my dad saying this sentence the last time I talked with him (I think 2 days ago)… Learn to tame your fitness and it will give you the best fruit of life…. Indeed true.. Isn’t it??

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