High Protein Diet For Weight Loss

Can you really have a high protein diet and lose weight without any problems?

Are you planning to increase your protein uptake in order to have some success in losing some weight? You probably are heading in the right direction. You might also be wondering if this is the right thing to do, but don’t worry, it can be done by carefully choosing the right kind of diet for yourself.

How Is High Protein Diet Going To Work?

Yeah, you should know that first, if you are not much into food science. Your body basically needs energy to function and it gets this energy from carbohydrates. If you deny your body this daily dose of carbohydrates then your body will look somewhere else for energy, as it needs to keep you alive and kicking (don’t worry, you won’t die). So your body then turns to the fat stored in the body for getting energy. In this process your body burns off your excess fat (provided you stay away from those, “once in a while pizza or ice-cream thing!”,giggles).

So the proteins play an important role here as they keep your tummy full while you can happily lose excess weight. No, it doesn’t mean you can have as many proteins as you want ,as proteins can add up calories too (this thing was on you mind, right?). Proteins only have to be used as a medium which will make your body draw energy from the stored fat.

So What Is Good To Eat?

Lean proteins are the best option in this case. Chicken meat, i.e white meat are high on protein and low on fat then the red meat variety (beef). Don’t add up the skin with the meat as it contains a lot of saturated fat, which is really not good for you.

Fish are to swear by as they are not only high in proteins by they contain omega-3 fatty acids too. A lot of protein and some good fat that won’t actually make you fat but is really good for your heart and beneficial for your skin too.

How can I forget eggs, they are packed with a good amount of proteins and they are cheap too. Go for the white portion as they yolk contains half the amount of protein are more cholesterol for you.

Coming to some vegetarian food stuff, soy and tofu can do wonders for you. But my favorite are beans. Beans, especially mung beans can taste go great when sprouted and half boiled with some salt. Have just a couple of bowls of boiled mung beans (with the water) and you feel so full which will make you avoid having anything for a pretty long time.

Just to be on the safer side it’s really good to have low-fat dairy products like milk and yogurt as they not only are rich in protein but provide your body with calcium which is important for your bones.

If you really can’t stay without having your bread then switch to whole grain versions which are rich in fiber. They may not be rich in proteins but also will not allow your body to add up¬†unnecessary fat which you would have by eating the white variety.

Make sure you don’t miss out on fruits and green leafy veggies as they will take care of other important nutrients required by your body while you are happily losing excess weight for your body.

It’s not possible to go on like this for ever, but you can always switch on and off for results to be with you for as long as you are willing to put some effort.

In trying to achieve weight loss you do try a million things with results making you happy only for a while. Try having a high protein diet for weight loss and don’t just hope that the results will start appearing in a while, work that body out.

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