How Muesli For Breakfast Will Help You Lose Weight


People across the globe have different eating habits and more the differences in cultures more are the variety of food available. Obviously, there are so many bloggers here who exhibit their recipes with mouth-watering pictures. But what I feel is you might have whatever you want to have for the rest of day but at least the breakfast should be really simple and light on your stomach and should keep you going for minimum 5 hours at least.

I was really horrible in terms of having breakfast and had no idea that just giving a change to my morning diet could do wonders in managing weight. Many people in India consider that breakfast is needed just to fill up hungry stomach in the morning and get away with it. They will have anything from deep-fried stuff to sweets along with tea and biscuits and I was no different. But, having something healthy in the morning can make you feel energetic for most of the day.

I had tried a lot of stuff like corn flakes and oats but couldn’t stick to it for longer and I used to end up having a mini lunch for breakfast. It’s so difficult to let go of your usual eating habits. Just going through a shopping mall one day my eyes fell on a huge jar of muesli. I started looking for a mini version of but couldn’t find one.After a lot of convincing done to myself, I bought that jar of muesli.

muesli is a healthy stuff

Excited to have the new stuff I opened the jar as soon as I reached home and had a taste of it. Damn !! It tasted good even when had as it is and tastes even better with plain milk. The next day I had it for breakfast and after 3 to 4 hours though my stomach felt lighter I was not feeling hungry.

Now that’s what a good amount of fibre can do to your body. Fibre is vital in terms of nutrition and helps a lot for a good bowel movement too. Lots of fruits also contain fibre and a bowl of muesli with milk topped with fruits can be really a good start for the day. For people who are on weight reduction whole milk should be replaced by skimmed milk or soya milk.

Going through the nutritional information this stuff provides:Muesli's nutritional contentmuesli

It has a good combination of protein, carbohydrates and fibre which will is perfect for you to kick-start your day. The best part of it is that it can be taken anytime as it is or with milk. I like to have a handful of muesli before I hit for the gym.

Having something healthy in the morning is very important and including fibre in the diet now a days is of prime importance. Health surveys conduced across the globe confirm that dietary fibre intake is reducing day by day and this is also one of the main reasons for the cause of colorectal cancer So, find out what healthy stuff makes you feel really good for the mornings.