Healthy Food For Kids – Raisins

Raisins should be the word for you if you are a mother a kid who doesn’t seem to control his appetite and always seems to have room for some more. Childhood obesity is on the rise and what healthy foods should be given to such children should be considered very well. It not an odd sight these days to see some kids going for a couple of hamburgers and fires along with cola. Such eating habits only leads to health complications in children in their later years.

Well a lot of studies have been going on these days to understand the modern-day eating habits of these younger lot and what healthy foods can be the best alternative for them. Raisins have been an interesting food item for study as it has got a lot of benefits to offer as a healthy food for kids.

Why Raisins?

Raisins are one of the best foods, especially for children. Raisins are available in various sizes but each one is packed with a lot of nutrients. Let us see what benefits they have to offer..

  • Well the most important of them all is that, these raisins contain natural sugars which are simple to be broken down and don’t pile up on calories. Give a bowl of those to toddlers and they will have them all day long because of its sweet taste.
  • Raisins are really low on fat
  • They have a pretty good fiber content
  • They are a good source of iron and potassium, your kid will always need that for sure

Raisins should be made a part of the daily diet for children as it can alone take care of lot of problems your kid may be facing.

If you kid cannot seem to control his appetite and keeps on munching on food then raisins can work wonders in this case. In a study, some 26 eight to eleven year old kids were given either raisins, grapes, potato chips and chocolate chip cookies as snacks and they were allowed to eat until comfortably full.

These kids were then analyzed for their cumulative food intake by the researchers and it was found that raisins and grapes led to lower cumulative food intake, while the chocolate chip cookies increased the cumulative food intake as compared to the other snacks.

Raisins are a great snack for children who need something always to keep munching. If you are planing to go out for dinner with your kid then make him/her have a bowl of raisins before you leave the house. As raisins contain fiber, it will keep your kid full for some time and this will also avoid him/her overeating at dinner.

Another great benefit of raisins is that they can treat constipation in kids. If you are thinking of giving pills to your kid, you don’t need to do that as raisins are one of the oldest home remedies to cure constipation. You can also soak raisins over night in water and make your kid drink the water the following morning. This will help to clear constipation in children.

Raisins are the most ready to eat hassle free snack that kids can have anywhere and anytime. It’s simply great for guys who are into sports to carry some dry raisins in their pockets. This will not only kill their hunger but will also provide them with energy during the game. It’s a great snack for toddlers (of 8 months and above) as they always want something sweet in their mouth and they can spill as much as they want as they are very easy to clean up, a lot of time and energy saved for mothers. Isn’t that great?

Make sure you have a jar of raisins full on your dining table and make sure that your kids enjoy the natural stuff than the junk food.

Photo Credits: Harshad Sharma

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