Health Resolutions For 2013

For somebody who has a tough job to look after all health resolutions for 2013 go for a toss eventually. This happens as the job seems to get the most of you. You mind stays more focused on job and is under constant stress. This not only destroys your resolutions but also the overall health goes up for a toss.

When under job stress it’s not uncommon to get hunger pangs and hence there is not much time to have a proper meal, you tend to go for anything which is readily available and that stuff is mostly high in calories. So it best to have resolutions which are easy to follow and you can stick to them for the entire year.

So I have set up certain health resolutions for 2013 which I can stick to and also focus on my job (where there is no fix time to come back home and it often gets late)

Health Resolutions For 2013   

  •  Have breakfast like a King , lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar
  •  Carry a small tiffin box containing dry fruits and nuts for the hunger pangs or protein bars and fibre bars are a great option
  • Avoid elevators and escalators wherever possible
  • Avoid deep-fried snacks and colas with drinks
  • Minimum 4 days work-out in a week
  • Have pizza only when you know that you can make time for some heavy work-out for the next two days
  • Mostly eat vegetarian.
  • Minimum sugar and no chocolates or ice-cream
  • Make green tea a part of diet (minimum 2-3 cups in a day)
  • Avoid taking a cab for small distances and walk instead.
  • Not to sit idle in a place for more than 20 minutes

These simple resolutions can a bring about a great change in your health and will also make you feel more energetic. You can tune your resolutions according to your lifestyle but  it’s important that you stick to them. I will try my level best to stick to my health resolutions for 2013.

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