What Health Benefits Does Mango Fruit Has For Our Body

What Health Benefits Does Mango Fruit Has For Our Body

The King Of Fruits, “Mango” is here and you can see the food markets flooded with this deliciously juicy fruit. Just having a walk in the lanes, especially where they are selling the variety “Ratnagiri Alphonso” from India, an overpowering aroma and warmth makes your senses go really crazy. It is a real privileged to get to savor the Ratnagiri Alphonso variety of mangoes and almost any person on earth will never say no this particular variety of mangoes.

After years of eating this wonderful fruit, one fine day I thought that although this fruit tastes really good and it’s the nature’s best gift for us but is it doing any good for my body? I was really surprised to find out that I really for sure didn’t know one good thing that it does to my body. Yes we all know about apples, bananas and papaya’s but for me at least, I didn’t specifically knew what health benefits does mango has for my body. Out of immense curiosity I searched for the information on the health benefits that mango has to offer and here is what I found out..

Nutritional Information Of One Medium Sized Mango:

Calories –         107
Protein –           0.84 g
Carbohydrate – 28 g
Total Fat –         0.45 g
Fibre –               3 g
Vitamin A –        6425 IU
Vitamin C –       45.7 g
Potassium –      300 mg
Calcium –          20 g
Cholesterol –      0 g
Saturated fat –    0 g

What health benefits does mango have for my body?

Good for your skin: Taking good care of the skin in the summer is of prime importance and what else can be better if mangoes come to your aid. Mangoes are a rich source of beta carotene which is then converted by your body to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for your skin and it’s deficiency can cause dull skin and acne. Vitamin A helps to rejuvenate the skin and helps in giving a soft feeling to the skin. Mango is also effective in clearing clogged pores of your skin. Rub the skin of a ripe mango on your face for a few minutes, this will rejuvenate your skin and keep it smooth and young.

Lowers Cholesterol: Mangoes have high levels of fibre, pectin and vitamin c which helps to lower serum cholesterol levels and that too LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is also known as the bad cholesterol.

Prevents Cancer: Many studies that have been carried out show that mangoes have antioxidant compounds that protect against breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Eye Care: In summer, eye care is of prime importance as our eyes are very susceptible to infections in such kind of hot and humid weather. Moreover dry eyes cause a lot of irritation and are the common complaints during this season. Mangoes helps to prevent dry eyes and also promotes good eyesight and prevents night blindness.

A real treat for diabetics: As it is people are very serious when dealing with diabetes and there are a lot of misconceptions regarding mangoes. Yes, mangoes do contain sugar but it has a relatively low glycemic index, i.e your blood sugar level will not rise quickly after eating mangoes. So mangoes can be enjoyed by diabetics in moderation. Moreover mango leaves are known to normalize insulin levels in blood. It is not uncommon to hear some diabetic patient boiling mango leaves in water, soaking it through the night and having this potion after filtering in the morning.

Improves digestion: Mangoes contain fibre and also has certain enzymes which breakdown proteins. Thus, this nature of mangoes help in digestion and elimination.

Boost Immune System: Along with Vitamin A, mangoes also contain Vitamin C and carotenoids that boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. 

Source of Iron: Mango is a boon, especially for women who are anemic and women who don’t include enough foods which contain iron in their diet. Pregnant and menopausal women should have mangoes to fill up their blood as well as reserve iron levels.

Improves sex: I would specifically like to hear from men if they have felt a certain change in their sex drive after having mangoes. As mangoes contain lots of Vitamin E that can boost your sex drive.

I am pretty surprised by the health benefits that mangoes have to offer. Where else do you find stuff that tastes great and has great health benefits too! Alphonso mango really tastes great when it is a bit chilled just five minutes prior to eating. Keep it in the deep freezer, cut it open and skin in your teeth in the yellow flesh to taste heaven. Now that you know what health benefits does mango have for your body, make sure you don’t miss out on them this season.

Photo Credits: Renne S. Suen