Why Too Much Hair Treatment Is Bad For Your Hair?

Why too much hair treatment is bad for your hair?Too much of hair treatment can be really bad for your hair as hair has a natural process for growth and if anything disturbs this process then it can cause damage to your hair. A lot of hair care and hair styling products are available in the market and we many a times use them mindlessly without thinking about the harmful effects that they can cause to your hair. I think our ancestors had much better hair health that we have today. Their hair care included a lot of natural products and also they seldom colored their hair.

Why too much hair treatment is bad for your hair?We attack our hair with a lot of chemicals these days, be it hair gel, hair wax, sprays, conditioners, shampoos. Some of us get so addicted to applying gel on their hair every time they go out that there is hardly any hygienic environment available for the hair. We go to the salons for getting our hair colored just because it looks good on any body else, while all this goes on the hair also has to withstand pollution. All this leads to damaging the hair and causes the hair to fall.

When we see too much of hair falling then we freak out then look out for treatments available to correct hair loss. We go for vitamin pills, some magic hair oils or lotions, hair grow products and what not. We also give a shot to ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic treatments as well.

While all these treatments might actually work when given in the right indication and at the right time, I would like to share an interesting article which I read long back. It was a lady who had hair fall issues and her hair had started to come out in chunks and she went through all possible hair treatments she could think of. Finally she decided to consult a trichologist. The trichologist analysed her condition and asked the lady to do certain simple things..

  • Stop all the treatments she was going through
  • Stop beauty parlor enhancements like curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, hair colours etc.
  • Trim the ends of the hair just to remove the dead ends
  • Stop in-house herbal treatments
  • Increase protein intake in regular diet

The smart trichologist simply eased up the environment for the hair to grow naturally and protein from the diet to strengthen the hair and in a few months the lady’s hair fall woes came to an end.

We some times tend to overdo treatments for the hair without understanding the real situation, just like the  lady. It’s best for the hair to grow in a natural condition. We get inspired by good-looking actors in the movies and try to get similar style for our own hair as well. But what we forget is these actors have highly paid hair stylists who get everything right for their hair and probably they also have their insured for millions of dollars.

Everyone has a different kind of hair and your hairstyle will suit you the best depending on your facial structure. Hair styling with commercial products can definitely make you look good but doing it routinely is bound to harm your hair. You may then go for too much of hair treatments which may in turn put you in a more alarming situation.

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