Why Hair Falls ?

This seems to be a billion dollar question as I am sure that billions must have been spent on research to understand why hair falls. Well there are many reasons as to why this happens and if you happened to read my previous blog, I have shown a hair cycle in which you can see how a hair follicle gives birth to a new hair. It’s the hair follicle that is to be treated with prime importance.

We never imagine what the hair follicle must be going through when we apply gel or hair spray to the follicle, when we apply color to the hair or even while we comb our hair. These hair follicles are a sensitive lot, they are even sensitive to hot water. But unfortunately we don’t care enough for it. One fine day the poor hair follicle gives up and dies and there is a very little chance that this follicle may grow back.

Why Hair Falls ?

So things which can cause damage to the hair follicle can obviously given answer to our question, “Why hair falls ?”  Let us have a look that how things may go wrong for your hair…

    • Rigorous hair combing and styling, rough scalp massaging can damage the hair cuticle which eventually may harm the follicle causing an over all reduction in over all hair volume.
    • If you happen to take a lot of stress, beware, even this may lead to hear thinning and eventually to hair loss. In this condition a lot of hair enter the resting phase at the same time causing a lot shedding and thinning. Stress may cause restriction of blood supply to capillaries which may lead to inhibiting oxygen and nutrient uptake by hair follicles which in turn leads to inhibition of hair growth and thus this can be a reason why hair falls.
    • Poor nutrition is one of the major reasons for early hair fall in men.Deficiencies in iron, protein, zinc and biotin can be a reason why hair falls.
    • Prolonged exposure of hair to direct sunlight may cause damage to the hair follicles.
    • An unhealthy scalp environment caused due to air and water pollutants, use of hair styling agents forms a layer on the scalp which blocks the hair follicles causing them to deteriorate.
    • Genetically induced hair loss or male pattern baldness is the main cause due to which so many men lose hair. The hereditary nature of male pattern baldness makes a lot of men susceptible to baldness. This is the most important reason as to why hair falls in men.
    • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which is naturally produced in the body is main culprit in male pattern baldness. The hair follicles are highly susceptible to this hormone and they start shrinking in size on coming in contact with DHT. It’s vital t keep the levels of DHT in the appropriate range in the body. Elevated levels of DHT will definitely cause damage to the hair follicles.

Other than these reasons, there can be many other reasons which may lead to a loss of hair. An illness or some form of medication, chemotherapy, infections to the scalp, improper diet can cause hair loss. Why hair falls? This is a widely researched subject but pinpointing the cause in every case is very difficult as they are many factors which trigger the hair loss.

Early care is of prime importance for your hair to be in the prime of their health. As soon as you see  an increased rate of hair fall you should immediately visit a hair specialist to find out why hair falls. With early intervention a lot can be done and that to at a lesser cost than trying to grow hair when there aren’t any.



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