Top 10 Veg Foods For Healthy Hair

Top 10 Veg Foods For Healthy HairHaving good nutritious food is an important step towards promoting and maintaining healthy hair. A lot of information is available over the internet on such kind of super foods for hair. I tried to take a note of the vegetarian variety of foods which are either easy to cook or simply which can be directly consumed without any hassles of cooking involved. For someone who is lazy like me it’s better to have directly consumable foods so that the frequency of having such foods is more that the foods which needs some cooking to be done.

I was a bit surprised to know that our body has a priority system of providing nutrition to the body. In meaning, if you are not having a balanced diet and if there is some nutrient deficiency in your body then your body will recognize in which cells is this particular nutrient the most required and the supply will be made to the respective cells. In almost all of the cases, the cells of your hair are devoid of such nutrients as not providing nutrients to them is not going to affect you seriously. Hence, abnormal hair fall can be a first sign of some serious deficiency in your body.

It’s very important to stack up your body with all the important nutrients. Let’s have a look at 10 best vegetarian foods for healthy hair.

  1. Cottage Cheese – Protein being the prime nutritional requirement for hair health, Cottage cheese is one of the best option that you can have. Not only Cottage cheese has good protein content but is also comparatively low in fat. Including cottage cheese is your breakfast is a good option to get rid of dull hair and it won’t add extra kilos to your body. Those who are on a weight loss diet should make sure to have it only during the breakfast.
  2. Whole Grains – Go for whole grains as they will provide a good dose of zinc, iron and B vitamins. Low levels of zinc can cause shedding of the hair and low levels of iron can cause baldness. Whole grains in the form of whole – wheat bread and fortified whole grain breakfast cereals provide these nutrients and also have other great benefits. They help in promoting good hair growth.
  3. Walnuts – Walnuts are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are great conditioners for your hair and avoid dry scalp and dry hair. They are also rich in biotin and vitamin E which helps protect your cells from DNA damage. They keep your hair lustrous and protects hair from sun damage. Have a handful of these wonderful nuts every day.
  4. Flax seeds – Flax seeds are also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, a must have for vegetarians. Flax seeds help in reducing the dihydrotestosterone levels which helps to arrest hairfall immediately.
  5. Leafy Greens Veggies – Dark green vegetables like spinach, swiss chard are a good source of Vitamin C and A. Sebum production in the scalp is very much dependent on these vitamins. Good sebum flow throughout the scalp is important to maintain the natural look of the hair.
  6. Brown Rice – If you can’t do without rice in better switch to brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice had got some amounts of protein, vitamins and fibre. It will not only help in providing good hair and scalp but also will prevent you from over eating due to its fibre content.
  7. Green Peas – Green peas are loaded with all many vitamins and mineral like zinc, iron and B vitamins which promote healthy hair and scalp. Keep a bowl of green peas in your refrigerator and have some every time you open that door.
  8. Green Tea – Green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant for your body and contains polyphenols which provides a healthy environment for the scalp as it helps in reducing dihydrotestosterone levels. It helps in keeping your hair shiny and dandruff free.
  9. Blueberries – Blue berries also have good anti-oxidant levels and promote over all health of your hair. They also are known for their anti-ageing benefits.
  10. Lentils – Lentils are low in calories and high on nutrition and are very easy to cook too. They are rich in folic acid which helps in providing requisite amount of oxygen for your skin and hair. Having them 3 – 4 times per week is important for healthy hair and scalp.

These food stuffs have a great impact in promoting good nutrition for healthy hair. Especially people who are suffering from bad hair condition should include them in your daily dietary requirements. Remember your body’s priority system. Any deficiency in your body could cost you your hair.

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