How Long Does It Take To Go Bald?

How long does it take to go bald ? How much time does it takes to go bald ? Well this question is faced by millions across the globe who have recently noticed thinning and people who are very near to complete baldness.

While going through some forums on hair loss I noticed that almost everyone on the forum had posted different periods between which they noticed their hair loss. Many of them started losing hair when they 22 years old, but the time they took to go bald had vast differences. Some of them had steady thinning initially for 5 to 6 years and then the thinning increased at a rapid rate and within a year they had very few hair left on their crown. For some the thinning started and was steady for a few years and then stopped for a couple of years and then it started again. They also discussed about the treatments they went through during that period and to what extent that treatment helped them.    How long does it take to go bald ?

Here are some good online forums:


From these post it was pretty obvious to understand that there no fixed pattern of time period over which one may go bald. It depends a lot on the genetics of that individual and also on the environmental and hormonal factors that may affect that person. One of my friends went bald within 5 years from the initial hair loss which he took very lightly.

It’s really a waste of time trying to find out how long does it take to go bald, instead one who is suffering from male pattern baldness should put this question more optimistically like, “How much time do I have before I go bald?” Well, even this question will not have any concrete answer but this kind of attitude will definitely help your will to fight hair loss.

The golden words, “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” is what we often tend to forget and we don’t take something as meager as initial hair loss or hair thinning very seriously. We take this seriously only when our friends or our close ones point out that bald patch on the crown or temples. It’s very difficult for some one else other than you to notice the excess hair loss that happens initially. So please don’t wait for any one to point out your balding and act now, before it’s too late.

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