Understanding Hair Transplant And When To Go For It

Understanding Hair Transplant And When To Go For ItHair transplant is the finest procedure that you can find among other hair treatments to get a natural looking hair regrowth. Thanks to the developing science in hair care industry due to which very effective and almost painless procedures have been developed to give you natural looking hair.

It’s obviously a matter of concern when you start losing your hair and try different alternatives to fix your hair fall and obviously by this time you also must have thought about hair transplant and the cost that it involves. Hair transplant is not the first choice of treatment for most men who suffer from pattern baldness but when every thing else fails, hair transplant seems to be the only ray of hope. But do you think hair transplant can be done any time? No, timing is again important here and you cannot be too early or too late to have a hair transplant.

What is Hair Transplant?

Due to male pattern baldness you start losing hair from the top of your forehead and from the crown area, but the hair on the sides i.e on the area above your ears and at the back of your head, remain as it is in most of the cases. Some men have baldness only in the front or at the vertex, while it is more severe in some other cases. Well, the fact is that no matter how extensive the baldness is, there is always a “Horseshoe” shaped area of permanent hair at the back and the sides of the head.

These hair are spared the action of dihydrotestosterone (hair follicle killer) as they are genetically programmed to resist the effect of it. Now these strands of hair is what gives hair transplant its true meaning. When these strands of hair are transplanted into the areas of thinning or bald areas, they continue to survive and grow permanently.

What Happens In Hair Transplant?

The technique of hair transplant is known as microfollicular hair transplant

  1. Proper selection of suitable hair is first marked up considering the aesthetic and facial dimensions.
  2. Then a strip of hair is harvested from the back of the head and the donor area is closed by stitches.
  3. From this strip, micro grafts and mini grafts are cut under magnification. 
  4. Micro grafts (single and two hair grafts) are used to form the front hairline.This zone is about 1.5 cm wide and comprises of thin hair. Here in this zone single and 2 hair grafts are delicately introduced into microslits using magnification.
  5. Beyond this the mini grafts are placed. These will grow 3-5 hairs each and add to the density. The placing of the grafts is done in such a manner that the further growth of the hair is not hampered.

A video will best explain the procedure

After the surgery you can go home on the same day itself, but you will have to do with some swelling on your forehead for a couple of days. The stitches will be removed after a week but till then you cannot wash your head.

Can The Hair Fall Again?

You would definitely want to know about this as you must have spent a lot on the treatment and this would be obviously on your mind.

Well, the newly transplanted hair will start growing in about 12-16 weeks after the surgery. These new hair will be permanent and life long. But it should be kept in mind that whatever original hair that you have, may continue to fall after the treatment. The surgery can also be repeated after 6 months to bring more density in the bald area.

Who cannot go for a hair transplant?

I know this will be heart breaking for some guys who have very less hair on the sides and the back of the head. Dense hair cells are harvested for hair transplant so that they can in turn give dense hair when transplanted in the bald area. So men who really low hair volume on the sides and on the back of the cannot go for a hair transplant.

Oh, now if you are thinking about taking hair from some other part of your body, please don’t think about it as it’s not possible. The hair from the other parts of the body is not that healthy and just imagine, even if you managed to get some hair on your bald head from other body parts, how weird is it going to look. Hair from some other person? No, don’t even think about it.

When to go for a hair transplant?

Timing your hair transplant is extremely important. You may still be in your teens or early twenties and probably some hair will still be there on the front or on the crown. If you go for a hair transplant at this stage then your original hair may fall off after certain period of time, leave some bald less dense area even after the transplant. That’s not going to give you a pretty picture and you may again have to go for the surgery (with probably the same cost) just to cover that area. But if you are nearing 25 or are above 25 then you should go for the hair transplant. The original hair may be lost later but you can always have another session of hair transplant later on in life.

You should consult your doctor so that he can understand your rate of hair fall and suggest the best time for you to undergo hair transplant. Don’t try to assume how long you can wait for the transplant as if you lose hair on the sides and the back of your head, you won’t be able to get the hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a simple process but has to be done very carefully and by a very skilled surgeon. Make sure you do your back ground research of the doctor who is going to your hair transplant, he should obviously be having a good reputation with his clients. It’s important for you to get the hair transplant correct in the first go itself.

So if nothing seems to be working out ant you have lost a good chuck for hair on your temples and on your crown, it’s probably hopeless to go for any other treatments. But with a good amount of hair on the sides and the back of your head, please don’t waste anymore time and go for the hair transplant for a new start to your life.

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