8 Hair Care Tips That You Must Apply For Better Hair

Using some hair care tips to keep your hair in a healthy state is really good and it allows you to pamper your hair and it gets the attention that they demand. Hair as per me are the most egoistic lot as they really start looking bad or worse start falling if they don’t get enough of your attention. So it’s pretty important that you inculcate some really good hair care tips that will make your hair look like they are getting enough attention.

Well it’s pretty straight, if you are not going to watch out for your hair or the signs your hair may be giving out to you, you are definitely inviting trouble for you precious hair. You need to treat them and respect them for them to remain on your scalp and make you look good, isn’t it?

Let’s have a look what hair care tips you can apply for better hair.

1. Be aware of any sudden changes in your hair

Your hair tells a lot about the state of your over all health. Sudden hair fall, continuous itching of scalp or brittle hair needs immediate medical attention. Don’t think that you can sort it out yourself and you will be fine. You may be having some serious deficiency and hence the hair problems are arising. A visit to a hair specialist will save you a lot of hair.

2.  Is your hair brushing technique correct?

How you brush your hair also has a lot of impact on your hair health. Do you brush your hair too often (like whenever you see a mirror, you go for it)? You need to reduce that as over brushing will only damage your hair.  And will somebody please tell they guys the difference between a brush and a comb? Never brush wet hair, use a comb this time, as this will avoid split ends and damage to hair cuticle.

3. Is blowing you hair really necessary?

Yeah, you need to ask this question over and over to yourself as you want to blow dry your hair every time you bath. Think about long-term benefits of not blow-drying and how do you want to look when you are in your 50’s or 60’s. Save the blow dryers for occasions and don’t make it an everyday routine.

4. Lukewarm water is the best for hair

Hot water will strip your hair of  the protective oils that cover your hair which act as natural conditioner. This will make your hair lose their natural shine. Even if you are using hot water for bath in the winter make sure you use lukewarm water for washing your hair.

5.  What’s wrong with your natural hair color?

Are you a brunette who is trying to go the blond way or the vice-versa? Extreme hair color change can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Even if you badly want that hair color change make sure you don’t go beyond 2 or 3 shades.

6. What are you doing for clearing dandruff?

Are you doing the mistake of applying oils to get rid of your dandruff? Well it may sound like bad news, but rubbing oil on your scalp is only going to make it worse. The best thing to get rid of dandruff is going the medicinal way, ask your hair specialist for the right kind of shampoo for your dandruff trouble.

7. How did you get those split ends?

Well let me guess, you are a fan of hot tools that make your hair look super cool, you love bleach and you perm a lot. Congratulations! you have damaged your cuticle or the outer protective layer of your hair. Sorry for the sarcasm, but we all do certain stupid things and invite trouble. Ok, take a deep breath and don’t worry. Call protein to the rescue. Noting else is going to do the repair work other than protein. Your best call should be conditioners with protein, as the protein will literally sink into your hair shaft and repair the split ends. Please remember to apply them every time you shampoo as they don’t have a long-lasting effect.

8. What do you eat for your hair?

Well you need to get food from Mars but need to have certain foods more frequently. Fish (specifically salmon) and nuts are the best bet for your hair. These foods contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen hair and promotes a healthier scalp. Also load up on green veggies, carrots, bananas and beans for better nutrition for your hair. Most importantly, stay hydrated. Nothing can live without water and you need to maintain good water level in your body for all other things to work properly.

These hair care tips will certainly have an effect on your hair, but most importantly it is to realize quickly that you might be facing some hair problem and just not overlook it. The more time you waste, more the problem gets bigger.

Pamper your hair by these 8 hair care tips that you must apply for better hair.

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