5 Best Hair Oils For Better And Thicker Hair

Hair oil for thicker hairOiling your hair is one of the most important things to do if you are a man who is facing hair loss problems. Probably your condition would have been much better if proper hair care was inculcated early on. Men most of the times are least bothered about oiling their hair and will shampoo their hair only until the scalp starts itching really bad.

The way women take care of their hair is really appreciable, as the effort required to maintain their hair is  too much. It’s easier for men on the other hand to take care of their hair but many men don’t really care when it comes to hair care.

What will oiling do to my hair?

Oiling your hair is a must if you want to maintain thick hair or if you are looking to make your hair thicker. Oiling your hair improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. Thus improved blood circulation will help in providing essential nutrients to the hair which in turn will promote thicker hair. Oiling also conditions the scalp and strengthen the hair roots which helps in holding on to the hair.

Which oils will help me get thicker hair?

Coconut oil: Coconut as a whole has great benefits, but it’s oil especially has great benefits for your hair. Coconut oil promotes good hair growth and helps in thickening the hair. It moisturizes you hair,  strengthens them and prevents damage.

Olive oil: Olive oil of the extra virgin variety is the best thing that you can probably gift your hair. How good you feel when you get a whole body olive oil massage? Imagine your hair also getting the same treatment. Olive oil has anti oxidant properties that fights hair loss. Olive oil will deeply condition your hair and will improve hair strength.

Castor oil: Castor oil prevents infections to your scalp and hair thus preventing hair loss. Castor oil is easily absorbed by the hair and it creates a layer over the hair strand thus sealing in moisture and gives your hair a soft and shiny look. Castor oil retains moisture to the hair which is important for good hair conditioning. Castor oil has omega 9 fatty acids which doesn’t allow your scalp to dry and it nourishes your hair from the roots. Applying castor oil regularly on your scalp will promote hair growth and will help in thickening of the hair.

Rosemary Oil: If you want your hair follicles to be really active then there is nothing like rosemary oil. Rosemary oil stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth thus promoting good hair growth. It helps in preventing hair loss and early growing of the hair.

Almond oil : Almond oil contain Vitamin E which nourishes the hair roots making them strong and healthy. It acts as a sealant as it locks the moisture in, thus giving a shiny look to the hair. Almond oil smooths hair cuticle thus controlling shedding of the hair and promotes hair growth and thickness.

These oils not only provide good nourishment but are also great for the overall development of the hair. Men should try them and find out which oils work the best for them. If you are facing hair loss problems and you are not much into oiling, then these oils are seriously worth giving a try.

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I am afraid for the men who are already in advanced stages of male pattern baldness, that these oils may not bring the results as desired but if you are under medication then it’s best to consult your doctor before going for these oils. These oils will work best when the hair follicles are in a working condition and are producing thinner hair.

One important thing here is to supplement your body with a good protein diet which is ultimately going to provide the required nutrition to your hair and make sure that your body is in a good hydrated state. Oiling your hair with good diet support should definitely help in thicker growth of your hair.