Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half

Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half
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Chocoholics who feel guilty after savoring on some fine chocolate have something to cheer about. A new research has been able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent. How cool does that sound to you? For me, it’s definitely a thumbs up and so it will be for many of those who gain pounds quickly after snacking on high fat content food.

Chocolates though having some great benefits it scores low points when it comes to the calorific content packed in it. On an average a bar of chocolate contains 200 to 400 calories and 17 to 24 gm of fat per serving. Imagine reducing these numbers by half straight away.

A research conducted by British scientists from the University of Warwick will allow chocolate manufacturers to infuse fruit juice, vitamin C or diet cola in an entire chocolate bar thus replacing up to 50 per cent fat of the chocolate. Wondering how this happens? Here’s what Stefan A F Bon, the lead researcher had to say, the juice is in the form of micro-bubbles that helps the chocolate to retain the lush, velvety “mouth-feel” – the texture that is firm and snappy to the bite and yet melts in the mouth. We have established the chemistry that’s a starting point for healthier chocolate confectionery, this approach maintains the things that make chocolate ‘chocolatey’, but with fruit juice instead of fat. Now we’re hoping the food industry will take the next steps and use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy.”

Well I guess it’s up to the chocolate manufacturers to embrace this technology as soon as possible and get us some fine variety of chocolates to savor. It would be really interesting to taste these new breed of chocolates. There are a lot of variety of chocolates with small fruit chunks or fruit flavor available in the market but chocolates with the feel of fruit juice is definitely worth giving a try. We hope this new technology won’t let us down.

If this technology is actually able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent it doesn’t mean thatFruits To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half   you, who is one weight loss diet should think about having double the amount of chocolate. It’s in fact better that you have the same amount which you used to have and that too once in a while. You will actually reducing your fat intake through chocolates by half. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of chocolates with almost half the fat intake.

We all hope to see such products where fruit juice is used to reduce the fat in chocolate by half on the shelves very soon. Hope these products give a new dimension to the chocolate industry. Will you be more than happy to see such products ? Please share your thoughtful comments with us.

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