Crossing the big Hurdle

If you are not used to any form of workout until now, it’s time to get started now. Better late than never.

The big hurdle is convincing yourself to get involved in any such kind of an activity. The “adrenaline rush” becomes a myth after a hard day’s work. So how to you get going with this work out thing which doesn’t seem to wok out at all ?

First of all, the most important thing is to start respecting your body and be proud of what you are. If you are not in a good shape, it’s most of the times your own fault. We treat our car more better than our self ! If regular servicing can be given to the car then why on earth, not your own body ? So it’s important that you start respecting your body first.

As kids, we never used to bother about these things much, because we always used to be fighting fit. The amount of physical activity that used to go in those days was unknowingly tremendous. As grown ups, I think we are not even 10 percent of we were as kids in terms of physical activeness and that is the main reason why don’t burn enough calories.

So now its big time that you crossed that hurdle. Allow your mind to see the positives of working out and imagine the benefits that it can give you. Try motivating yourself in every possible way you can find. If you see an old man or a woman brisk walking down the street that should motivate you enough for jogging right then or at least the next morning.

Once you have firmly decided to do something for your body, then it will be easier to find time for working out in that hectic schedule of yours.


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