Carbs for weight loss

Carbs for weight loss is possible if the intake of carbs is properly monitored. Some people who are very adamant on losing weight swear to have a no carb diet and this can turn disastrous later on. Carbohydrates are primary source of energy for the body and it’s functions and hence they cannot be neglected beyond a certain level.

It’s an obvious thought that if the body is deprived of carbohydrates then the body will look towards stored fat for energy. While this statement stands true, it should be understood that low-carb diet may cause good weight loss in the beginning but the lost weight will be mostly water and muscle.

Carbs for weight loss stands true as fat will actually burn in the presence of carbohydrates as glucose which is derived from carbohydrates is needed for metabolic functions. If you are working out to lose that flab then energy required for that workout comes from carbohydrates.

Carbs in a sense have to be optimized for weight loss. If you have a carb free diet then you will naturally feel hungry more often and an urge in the body will generate the need to have a quick source of carbs and you might end up eating junk food to kill the hunger pangs. In this case carbs for weight loss is a must to do thing.

Carbs for weight loss possible by selecting the type of carbs you would want to have in your diet. Carbs from veggies, whole grains and form non starchy fruits are a must in the diet. Even at what time you can have these carbs should be well planned for carbs to actually help in weight loss. You can have most amount of carbs for your breakfast and then for lunch you reduce the carb intake by half and by early evening you can have a small meal having very less amount of carbs.

Carbs for weight loss

For the dinner, it’s ok to not have any carbs in it..The ultimate goal is to provide calories to the body and this should come from all sources, majorly almost 50 to 55% from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 15% from fat.

Weight loss from smart use of carbs is possible through good monitoring and also mismatching your regular carb intake. Varying the levels of carbs everyday is important as it can give great results in weight loss.Thus carbs for weight loss can be more than a myth if you can understand how your body responds to the changes you make in your diet.

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