Best Anti Pollution Face Mask for Daily Use in India

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

India is growing and so is the pollution in major cities, the best thing that you can do is gift yourself is a best anti pollution face mask for daily use.

We seem to be content tying a handkerchief around the face and thinking that it’s actually doing the job. Well as a matter of fact it hardly does anything.

The particle size of many pollutants can be as low as 1 microns and this can easily pass through the handkerchief or a scarf.

Without realising we are inhaling a lot of pollutants everyday as we commute daily for work or for some other reasons.

From school going children to senior citizens everyone is affected.

These harmful pollutants can give rise to a number of health problems for everyone.

I travel everyday to work and I ride my bike to reach my workplace.

Living in a busy city, the traffic starts early morning and runs till late in the evening.

I really got concerned when I had an allergic cough problem which refused to go and I had to bear it despite of having medications for quite some time.

The doctor clearly said that this is exaggerated due to pollution and I have to stay indoors for a few days for the cough to subside.

But given the commitments at workplace this was next to impossible.

I am sure there are many who more or less have the same story which goes on with their lives.

I decided that I needed a best anti pollution face mask for daily use in India.

This mask should not only be able to protect me from pollution but also should be very easy to wear and ride a bike.

Also if I just want to wear it casually during my evening stroll it should look nice and should have a cool quotient.

One fine day I saw one of my colleagues wearing such a mask. He rides his bike for more than an hour to reach office and the mask was like a must have for him.

The moment I saw it I feel in love with it.

I ordered my best anti pollution face mask for daily use online.

I tried it and I am using it every day and would like to tell you about it.

The best anti pollution face mask for daily use which I am taking about is this..

best anti pollution mask for daily use


best anti pollution mask for daily use

The Dettol Air Protect anti pollution face mask.

Doesn’t it look really cool with the black and fluorescent green combination? It surely packs a punch and has got a unique design.

What are the advantages of having Dettol Air Protect ?

This mask comes with a superior level of air filtration capability.

It has PM 2.5 prevention i.e the fine particulate matter in the air that can cause health issues are prevented.

It offers superior dust protection and bacterial filtration.

It also block pollen which can give many people a runny nose.

How to use?

Well its very easy to put on your face and carry it wherever you go.

It has a nose clip on the top front which helps to identify the correct position. Place it on your face covering your nose and put the fluorescent green strings behind the ears.

You can press the nose clip on your nose so that it holds on to the nose without any gaps.

The strings also have adjustable noose which helps to hold the mask firmly on the face.

This is how it looks when I tried it

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

It covers half of the face and there are no gaps so that the dust is blocked out completely.

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

It goes under the chin and provides a proper cover, that is why I was very impressed with the design of Dettol Air Protect.

Any irritation?

I know what you are exactly thinking.

This mask works magically when you put it on. There are no breathing problems and you can carry on with your normal breathing.

This is truly a gem for bikers as it creates no problems what so ever while riding.

All the hassles you had while using a handkerchief are well taken care of by this mask.

Does it work under a helmet?

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

Yes it does, but I haven’t tried with full face cover helmets.

But in that case as well it should not cause any problems.

What goes in the mask?

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

This white filter which has Dettol printed on it does the job of keeping you safe.

You just need to insert it inside the mask as shown below

best anti pollution face mask for daily use

The pack of Dettol Air Protect  comes with 2 filters which can be used for 4 months in total i.e 1 filter for 2 months. But if you are using the mask daily for long hours you might need to replace the filter monthly. The filters can be ordered separately online.

Why you should buy Dettol Air Protect ?

In a developing country like ours where increasing number of constructions and factories produce a lot of dust and pollutants, where every day thousands of cars are added on the streets, its become rare to find some fresh air.

At least the best we can do is protect our self from the pollutants to stay healthy in the long run.

It’s wise to use the best anti pollution face mask for daily use in India.

The effect of these pollutants is not felt when you are young but as you grow old your body may show the symptoms of effects caused due to exposure to pollutants.

And guess what it is not at all a pricey affair to keep yourself safe.

Check out here on Amazon, you can get the product at a very good price.

If you are commuting daily for work or any other reason on a two-wheeler this product is a definitely worth giving a try.

It it a must have product for sales executives who are constantly on the road to make customer/client visits.

You can even gift it to your dear ones, as it will be a very thoughtful gift and that too at a cheaper price.

This is one of the best anti pollution face mask for daily use in India, so go ahead give it a try and take a step towards better health.

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