What Other Benefits Does Exercise Have For Your Body

Yeah, you have been hearing from your childhood about the benefits of exercising for your body, but most of the times you were told about these benefit when you were actually starting to look like a potato or an apple or a pencil. The benefits were told to you keeping in mind how physically fit you were looking at that time. Yes we all know that exercise will have good overall effect on our body but not many of us know what other great benefits can regular exercising can have for our body.

Most of the times when you workout you have some goals set in your mind like, “I want to lose 10 kg in 4 months” or like,”I want to have a more muscular look” or Iike, “I want my butt to be in a better shape.” When you workout religiously towards achieving your goals you may be actually doing more than that to your body.

What other benefits can exercise have for my body?

Regular exercising can have many great benefit for your body, let us have a look at some of them

Protects against common cold and flu: Regular exercising or even a 30 min brisk walk can boost your immunity levels. If you are frequently suffering form bouts of cold then there is nothing better than exercising to boost your immune levels. You can reduce the occurrence of common cold by 25 to 50 percent.

Helps in fighting depression: If you are feeling low or let down, then regular exercising may help you in regaining your self-confidence. If you are regularly exercising then you may probably never fall to depression. Exercising releases mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin, dopamine or norepinephrine which has positive effect on your brain.

Helps to prevent and treat Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the last thing you would want when you grow old. As you grow old your bone density keeps on dropping, so it’s really important that you maintain good bone density throughout your age. Working out in the gym with weights or resistance bands helps in bone development as the muscles sort of hug your bones and this helps in stimulating bone growth. If you are not into working out in the gym then make sure you run on a daily basis or even better, activities like dancing, trekking, playing tennis or climbing stairs will stimulate bone growth. Such activities where your feet taps the ground with greater impact helps in stimulating the cells in the bones of your feet, legs, hips and spine.

Improves digestion: Exercise helps the intestinal muscles to break down food and move it through the system with some speed. If you have a heavy meal sometime you will be able to feel relaxed more quickly and also regular exercising can help to prevent constipation.

Reduces cancer risk: Many studies have confirmed that people who are physically more active are less prone to lung, colon and breast cancer. Women especially need to be aware of this fact as more fat in the body will give rise to higher levels of estrogen (which is stored in fat) which in turn will put them at a greater risk for breast cancer.

Reduces chronic pain: A fit body seldom goes through such pain which irritates you like hell and you seem to try all possible options but you get only temporary relief. Regular exercising as simple as cycling, brisk walking or running releases natural pain relievers like endorphin which helps in reducing those really irritating pains in the body.

Prevents strokes: People who exercise regularly are at a lesser risk of getting strokes. 30 mins of regular exercise like brisk walking, jogging, cycling can reduce the risk of stroke by 7 percent.

Burns fat even when you at rest: Wow, that’s one hell of a great benefit, isn’t it? Your body continues to have a good metabolism post workout. For every 100 calories that you burn during the workout will help you burn 15 calories post workout. If you consider a good workout session which includes both weight training and cardio, you burn more than 300 calories during workout. This also means that you can burn 45 calories when you are not working out. But the maximum results will only come when you have a great diet plan to go with your workout.

Makes your skin glow: Women truly know that value of a glowing skin and the happiness they feel when another woman compliments them for their glowing skin. Exercise improves the blood flow to the skin and also sweating due to exercise helps you tremendously as sweating unclogs the pores in the skin and detoxifies the skin removing oil and dirt.

Improves your sex life: You definitely want this one, don’t you? The more physically fit you are more the pleasure can be derived from sex. Exercise helps to keep your energy levels high and helps to increase your libido. With a great body there is no self-consciousness and the entire focus remains on seeking ultimate pleasure from sex. If your partner is also on the same fitness levels as you are then nothing can stop you form experiencing that particular heavenly feeling. You know what I am talking about right? You naughty mind. Seriously I mean even the studies that were carried out between couples who exercised regularly and couples who never or seldom exercised, the couples who exercised regularly rated their satisfaction levels higher than the couples who never or seldom exercised.

Am sure by now you must be wondering that if you had been exercising regularly you might not have had to go through all these problems. There are a lot more benefits that regular exercising can have on your body other than just losing weight. No, stop wondering what other benefits exercise can have on your body and pull out those running shoes or the yoga mat and exercise for a better “You”.

Photo Credits: Chris Hunkeler

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