The Amazing Benefits Of Weight Training

Are you terrified of imagining yourself lifting weights? Or do you think weight training is not for you? I used to think the same when I weighed 84 Kg and I thought that I would lose weight if I started running, which I did, but soon my legs couldn’t keep up with my determination. Going to the gym was not at all on my mind until one fine day, when I was really ashamed to look at my self in the mirror I went to the near by gym.

I explained the gym manager what I wanted to achieve in terms of weight loss and I don’t want to build muscles as I feared that I would look really bulky. The manager who had a vast experience said to me, “You don’t have enough knowledge and you will do much better with weight training.” Without giving a second thought I got myself enrolled in the gym only to discover the amazing benefits of weight training.

My 1st gym had very basic equipment with literally no cardio equipment like the treadmill or elliptical. I lost close to 20 kg just by weight training and diet control.

If you think weight training is only for professionals like body builders or athletes, you are completely wrong. Everyone can do weight training and benefit from it. Think it this way, man initially had to all strenuous work of hunting, cooking, farming, etc. There were no offices then or junk food to eat or television to watch the whole day. Man was naturally capable of living the cave life. As the world advanced and physical work became less, some smart brains thought if man lost his natural strength he would die of diseases and hence this is how gyms came into the picture  (Please don’t think seriously over it, but think how important it is for you to do weight training).

Why should you do weight training?

Apart from just the muscular stuff there are many amazing benefits of weight training.

1.Weight Loss

If you are seriously planning to lose weight and if you want faster results then you will have to embrace weight training with your whole heart.  Well to keep it simple, more the muscles in your body, faster will be your weight loss.

Muscle tissue burns more calories and influences the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) so you will burn calories even when your body is at rest.

2. Clothes fit really nice

When you build muscles you may actually not see the weight difference as the muscle density per inch of your body is more than the fat density per inch. But the muscles are compact and take up less space which means stronger muscles are will make clothes fit great on you.

3. Increased Bone Density

Studies have shown that people who weight train at least 3 times a week are less prone of osteoporosis. It’s important that you do some weight baring activities to give your bones a healthy long life.

4. Improves Athletic Performance

Do you think the international athletes can do without weight training? Apart from the regular practice they also invest time in building overall muscles. More muscles will give extra power, so be it kicking the ball, pulling a swim stroke or sprinting, muscles will just boost your performance (think of Usian Bolt, he is all muscles in there!).

5. Boost Your Self Esteem

Imagine yourself with a flatter stomach and a toned body. Everyone respects a person who is able to maintain good fitness even at 50. Having a toned physique helps you add confidence to whatever you do in life. 

Don’t get scared  – Especially women who think they will develop muscles and will lose their curves. Well, women don’t produce enough testosterone which naturally won’t make them go pumping iron like men do. In fact, proper weight training will help women with good posture, healthy bones and a good toned body which will highlight their curves and not lose them and that jeans is going to look so fab on you lady!

For amazing benefits of weight training start as soon as you can. Start with lighter weights and the initial repetitions should be really easy to pull, only the last 2 or 3 should be the hard ones. Slowly your muscles will grow and you will be able to life more weights for the same no.of repetitions. 

Give your body a whole new meaning with the amazing benefits of weight training.

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