7 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Which are Easy to Follow

5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight

You will find tons of information on tips to lose weight on the internet and if you are sure to follow them come what may, then surely you will be blessed with what you desire.

But this very thing may not be easy for everyone, keeping in mind the busy schedules or the kind of lifestyle one has adopted.

Even if you have taken up your mission to lose weight fast,  many times you may have those lag days when you just don’t feel like giving it a go.

In such circumstances, rather than not doing anything its always better to follow some simple tips to lose weight.

So if you are a busy mother,  a working professional,  overweight but not willing to sweat it out or you are just not in the mood to work out…

Here are 7 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Which are Easy to Follow

  1. Reduce water retention 

In all the fuss regarding weight loss, we don’t pay enough attention to water retention in our body.

So the first aim should be to balance fluid levels in the body

Water retention is going to add some extra weight over your average body weight and gives you a chubby appearance.

Drink enough water every day. If your body is low on water then it is going to hold on to water present inside your body.

High salt intake also tends to hold on to water inside your body. If your meals are high in salt then you have to cut down on the salt.

Avoid junk food, packaged food and fast food which has high salt content.

2. Breakdown meals

One of the most important things to consider while you want to lose weight naturally is the amount of your current food intake.

If you have put on weight over the years,  it is mostly because of your poor eating habits.

Try to have a rough estimate of your daily calorie intake with what you have in your breakfast, lunch, dinner and if you keep on munching on any junk food as well.

Most often you will find that you are in calorie excess, i.e you are giving your body more than what is required to perform your day to day routine activities.

This stands true especially for those who don’t exercise and have a slow metabolism.

One of the best tips to lose weight is to break down your meals.

Start with your usual breakfast, a healthy one that has a good mix of carbohydrates and proteins and some fruits.

Divide your current lunch into 2 parts. Have one when you usually break for lunch and the other should be around evening at least 3 hours before dinner.

Have a light dinner mostly with green veggies. Don’t eat till your stomach is full. Half empty will do just fine.

3. Watch your sugar intake

Just like salt, excess sugar has detrimental effects in your body.

Sugar in the right amount is required by the body, but excess sugar can wreak havoc without you releasing it.

Excess sugar produces excess calories and excess calories don’t get utilized by the body. These excess calories get converted into fat as energy reserves, which never gets utilized as you always are in calorie excess.

Having excess sugar can also steal away your youthful look and make your skin look aged.

Read more about effects of sugar on your skin here Say No To Sugar For Younger Looking Skin

Reducing sugar is one the best simple tips to lose weight, only if you could really watch its intake like the discipline of a monk.

This can work wonders for you.

4. Morning workout

Most probably you are not a gym lover or are super lazy to run or even walk every day for a better health.

But if you could just somehow manage 20 mins in the morning before you hit the shower, you will basically begin a great transformation for yourself.

It has to be morning as you will be done with it in the morning itself and you would set your metabolism rolling.

This will help to process food faster in your body and avoid a large part of it stored as fat.

You will get good definition to your body as your muscles grow.

5. Chew your food slowly

We have picked up this habit on gorging on food and we tend to overeat and feel sorry for it later.

The body takes some time to understand that the stomach is full.

Eating slowly ensures that the body gets enough time to understand that you are almost full and so you can basically stop.

Also, make sure that you have smaller portions on the plate so that you can avoid any possible over eating.

As per a research carried out, it was found that people who eat slowly tend to take in fewer calories as compared to people who eat faster.

This is probably the most simple tip to lose weight which is really easy to follow.

Eating food slowly without any distractions such as TV or doing something on your mobile phone will yield you good results.

6. Finish dinner early

It has been kind of fashionable to have late night dinners, while some people cannot really help it.

But if you are having your dinner late, it messes up your entire day’s hard work of trying to stay fit.

If you are not giving at least 3 hours before you go to bed after having your dinner, the digestion is going to slow down and your metabolism is slowest during this time.

This can make you gain weight.

It is best to finish dinner early so that you can give at least 3 hours before you hit the bed.

7. Walk of 5 mins before sleep

This is really funny though it may annoy your family members.

Just before you are going to hit the bed, start pacing in your room or whatever bigger space that you can have.

Do this for 5 mins you will feel that your body temperature has gone up.

It can give your metabolism a kick and it can help to burn calories faster while you are asleep.

These are some really simple tips to lose weight which you can follow practically anywhere.

If you have some really cool tips to lose weight which has resulted in your weight loss, please share them in the comments section below.

References: WebMD and of course personal experience.

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