7 Best Foods For Better And Thicker Hair


Are there any foods which can make your hair thicker and bring them in a better state of health? Now that you have come looking for the answer to this question, let me tell you that you might have been having these foods right since you were a kid any and never used to care about hair fall problems and ways to thicken your hair. Nobody is going to get you these foods from some other planet, right?

Is all about balancing your diet well and having the right amount of nutrients which can make your hair better and thicker. The two most important nutrients that your hair needs are proteins and zinc.  These nutrients are very important form the point of view of growth of your hair and there are many other nutrients that support the hair growth and maintain the overall health of your hair.

It’s very important to know why is your hair thinning. It may be due to an infection, deficiency or due to post pregnancy hormonal changes in a woman or the real baddie, male pattern baldness. A hair assessment with your doctor may bring you more closer to the exact fact and then working towards making your hair grow more thicker or better can more easier. So along with the doctor’s medication you can follow a healthy diet which can do wonder to your hair.

Which foods will make my hair better and thicker?


97% of your hair is protein, so no wonder you need to have enough of them for a good hair growth and there is nothing better than Salmon when it comes to protein.  Apart form proteins salmon also provide a good amount of  Omega 3 fatty acids which again are important to maintain your healthy state of your hair and your scalp too. Include salmon regularly in your diet so that your body gets a good amount of protein supply.


Eggs provide a good amount of biotin which is a B vitamin. Without B vitamin your hair can grow thin and brittle and can easily break giving your hair very less volume. Having eggs regularly will promote good hair growth and help in improving your hair volume. Eggs also pack you up with zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron which are essential to grow thick hair.


Beans as in kidney beans, mung beans and lentils are great source of iron rich proteins. They play an important role supporting your hair growth and maintenance of the healthy state of your hair. They are also packed with zinc and biotin.


You may be hating them or loving them or you may not be having them frequently as you should be. Bananas contain Silica which can really improve your hair thickness. Having bananas frequently will make you hair more thicker, stronger and more durable. I guess even beer contains silica, but if you love having beer its only wise to have it in moderation. You can also have oats and raisins to pack you up with some silica.


Carrots are rich in Beta carotene which gets converted to vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A helps in tackling dandruff and keeps your scalp in good oily condition. A dry scalp will not allow good durability to your hair and hence your hair may fall excessively which may result in a low hair volume.


Oysters are packed with tons of zinc. This mineral is very important for the production of androgens, the hormones which are associated with hair growth. Low levels of androgens are oftentimes responsible for hair loss and slow hair growth. And guess what, oysters also provide you with adequate amount of proteins as well.


Many a times you are not aware that you are in super need of vitamin c. Vitamin C helps to improve blood circulation and for thicker hair you especially need good blood circulation in the scalp where there are lots of tiny blood vessels that provide nutrition to the hair follicles. Blueberries can add that punch of vitamin C when you are having its deficiency. Many citrus fruits contain vitamin C and it’s only wise to have them regularly.

As I said earlier that you may have had these foods but now that you know how important they are for making your hair thicker and better, make sure you have them on a regular basis. It’s never too late to start anything good right? Chalk out a schedule as when you would like to have these food items for an entire week and be specific and adamant about it.  Apart from this make sure that you also are taking proper hygienic care of your hair by washing them regularly and oiling them at least twice a week.

So don’t hold yourself back and get these best foods for better and thicker hair.

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