7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

There are some really basic hair care tips for men for healthy hair which just need some attention and men can really save their hair from vanishing.

Men usually have a basic tendency to overlook certain aspects related to hair care and they generally don’t pay enough attention.

Only when the hair starts to fall more than usual or when a low hair density patch appears then most men will start to panic.

But if you are careful about certain things related to hair then you can go long way in keeping your hair healthy.

Don’t let your professional life come in the way of maintaining your own hair.

If anyone is responsible for your hair loss, its only you and there is no point blaming anything or anyone else for it.

To maintain good lustrous hair for long, here are 10 basic hair care tips for men for healthy hair.

1. Consume best food for hair regularly

To have good natural looking hair its important to provide proper nutrition to them.

Foods like banana, walnuts, fish and eggs are great for your hair.

Bananas – They contain silica which helps to make hair thicker, stronger and durable.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

Walnuts – They contain Omega 3 fatty acids which condition your hair and helps to avoid dry scalp and dry hair.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men

This makes the hair roots stronger and are able to hold hair more strongly.

Fish – Fish like salmon provide the much required protein for hair growth and they are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Best food for healthy hair for men

Eggs – They are an excellent source of biotin and vitamin B complex. Without them the hair can grown thin and can be brittle.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

These foods contain fats, protein and vitamins which are important for growth and maintenance of your hair.

The hair follicles utilize these nutrients and provide proper nourishment to your hair.

For more information of great foods for healthy hair, read this http://www.theprimehealth.net/7-best-foods-for-better-and-thicker-hair/

If you are a vegetarian, the there is no need to worry as there are many options for veg foods that you can find here http://www.theprimehealth.net/hair-health/top-10-veg-foods-for-healthy-hair/

2. Combing the hair carefully

This would be one the most basic hair care tips for men to have healthy hair.

How do you comb and how many times in day you comb has an impact on you hair health.

Combing your hair may seem like a mundane stuff but actually your hair is put to test every time you comb your hair.

If you are using a roller or a hair brush, directly on your hair, then this might be a big mistake on your part.

Pro tip: Use a  wide tooth comb first and set your hair in the direction you want to comb.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

This will clear entangled hair and make movement smooth for a hair brush.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

The slowly use a hair brush with very light pressure.

In this way your hair will move easily between the bristles of a hair brush.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

Most importantly limit the use of hair brush to not more than 2 or 3 times in day.

The rest of the time you can use a normal comb.

3. Do not hair wash everyday

Washing your hair carefully is one of the most basic hair care tips for men for healthy hair.

Washing your hair very frequently can mess up your hair growth. There are even men who wash hair everyday with a shampoo.

Well you can clean hair every day but washing your hair everyday with a shampoo can be damaging to the hair.

Men should wash hair with a shampoo only 2 to 3 times in a week.

The shampoo should be mild and not hard on your hair.

If you wash hair very frequently with a shampoo then, then the natural oil produced by the scalp also gets washed away.

This natural oil produced by the scalp protects the hair and provides a healthy environment for the hair to grow.

Yes, the hair gets messy with dirt clogging in it and if you workout daily the sweat makes the hair greasy as well.

Well just water can do the job of cleaning the hair very well.

It can take care of the dirt of the dirt as well as the sweat.

While cleaning your hair with water make sure the water in not too hot.

The water should be at normal temperature and if you are showering in the winters then warm water which can be comfortably taken on the hair should be used.

Hot water messes up the hair follicles and can give up frizzy hair and split ends.

Also hot water removes the natural oil covering on the scalp.

So the next time you wash your hair, keep these things in mind.

4. Say no to hair styling products

Hair styling products like hair gel or hair wax can only damage your hair and leave you with a lot of problems in your later years.

Though, a hair gel gives great appearance to the hair, it may lead to hair fall problems later.

Hair styling products contain certain ingredients that can damage your hair.

They may lead to problem like thinning of the hair or even baldness.

You can restrict the use of these products for special occasions but make sure you wash them up the same day and don’t sleep over it.

If you already have thin hair then there is not point using these products as you hair will look less dense after applying a hair gel or a hair wax.

These products require good hair volume to hold up and look good.

But that doesn’t mean there is no other product that you can use for hair styling.

Go for safe herbal products which are soft on your hair and doesn’t damage them in the long run.

You can try this amazing herbal hair cream from Himalaya Herbals – Protein Hair Cream (click here)

They not only help in styling your hair but also have herbal ingredients which promote hair growth.

They are a great option to use for post shower hair dryness and they don’t leave your hair greasy at the end of the day.

They can be washed off easily with water unlike hair gels or hair wax, which needs extra effort and can damage your hair while washing.

5. Oiling you hair regularly

Many men ignore the age old tradition of applying oil to the hair.

Even when a baby is born hair oil is applied to scalp of the baby to promote good hair growth and structure.

Your mother took care of oiling your hair while you are a kid, but when you became an adult, there are high chances that you stop applying hair oil.

Oiling you hair is the most basic hair care tips for men for healthy hair.

Oiling the hair is important as it nourishes the hair follicles by improving the blood circulation around the follicles.

Improved blood circulation helps as it provides essential nutrients to the follicles.

This in turn promotes growth of thicker hair.

Oiling helps to condition the scalp and strengthen the hair roots which makes them hold the hair strand more strongly.

There are hair oils like coconut oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, castor oil  and almond oil which are simply great for your hair.

To know more about these oils, click below to read

5 Best Hair Oils For Better And Thicker Hair

6. Special Hair Treatment

Please don’t think that I am suggesting any expensive hair treatment in a salon.

There is some thing much more simple that you can do at your home at least once or twice in a month.

You have read about the benefits of consuming eggs for hair nutrition, but guess what, the eggs are also great when you apply them directly on your scalp.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

The eggs contain biotin and B complex vitamins that helps to strengthen the roots of the hair.

The nutrients in egg can help stimulate new hair growth which will help in adding volume to your existing hair.

The egg yolk contain a nutrient know an lutein.

Lutein helps to hydrate your hair and improves elasticity of the hair which prevents it from braking off easily.

Eggs are just the best thing your hair can have as the proteins and fats present in the egg helps to provide overall nourishment to the hair along with improvement in the hair texture and adding shine to the hair naturally.

7. What to avoid to keep hair healthy

One of the most basic hair care tips for men is to know what to avoid in order to have healthy hair.

Here is some sad news for bike lovers, if you are facing hair loss issues, it may be due to the prolong use of helmets.

Helmets don’t provide a healthy environment for your hair and may damage the hair in the long run.

Avoid wearing helmets for longer duration.

If you frequently ride, then make sure you take enough brakes so that you can remove your helmet for sometime.

Heat trapped in the helmet can cause hair damage and can be the reason for abnormal hair loss.

Smoking is the another major culprit that can trigger hair loss which may lead to male patterned baldness.

Smoking elevates the levels of DHT (dihyrotestosterone) which damages the hair follicles and this can lead to baldness.

Green tea is an excellent refreshing drink that helps to reduce the levels of DHT and helps in maintaining healthy hair.

7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

If you are able to follow these simple 7 basic hair care tips for men for healthy hair then you can ensure a better health to your hair.

With these basic hair care tips along with a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your hair looking young and healthy for long.

If you have done something naturally amazing to your hair please share your story in the comments section below.

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