5 Simple Tips For A Healthy Heart

So you think your heart has gone weak and climbing those stairs is leaving you short of breath? Do you think with a healthier heart you would have been able to do that? Probably yes. Our lifestyle has screwed us so badly that we hardly even walk these days, leave alone climbing stairs. Elevators and escalators have taken care of that too. You really need a reason to walk these days, don’t you? (Pardon my sarcasm, but this is what it has come down to for many of us.)

Good at least you realized that something is not correct about your heart and it has got you and your family worried. When it comes down to your health it’s never too late to start anything. If you are too scared to hit the gym on the other street or do crazy yogic stretches  just follow these five simple tips for a start (C’mon, you need to start somewhere) so keep it simple but effective.

5 Simple Tips For A Healthy Heart

1. Get The Vital Numbers Of Your Body

You know what you are dealing with, so it’s better to know your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels and of course your weight before you start your way to achieve a healthier heart. If they are not in range (high possibility), don’t fret, at least you know where you got to land.

2. Start Walking

Do you remember how much you used to walk or cycle in your school days. Probably you are not even doing 5% of that  walking. So start walking, you need to walk minimum 20 to 30 mins. Start doing it on alternate days and slowly make it a habit to walk daily for a healthier heart. As per studies a good dose of walking regularly can reduce the risk of premature death by almost 50% (isn’t it a good enough reason to start walking for a healthier heart?) Also check out 10000 steps a day to stay healthy.

3. Laugh Your Heart Out

Even in the laughter department you seemed to have taken a miss. Your office where you spend most of your day will not going to provide you the environment to laugh like crazy (Yes, you should go crazy sometimes; it’s good to go crazy). Laughter is really the best medicine that you will find. Can you imagine that laughing for just 15 minutes is like doing 30 mins of aerobic exercise? Yes, it is (don’t even think about skipping on your walking plan). Also check out Laugh your heart out and keep looking young.

4. Reduce your waistline

Knocking a few inches off your waistline will do a lot better to your body than anything else. You will feel a new zeal of energy in your body every morning when you wake up. Reducing fat around your waistline will give a new definition your body and it will help in reducing problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of diabetes.

5. Sleep like a baby

You should check how many hours of sleep you are actually getting. If you are deprived of sleep then it will increase problems in your body like stress, blood pressure, increase your appetite and slow down your metabolism (which pretty much screws everything). So make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sound sleep every night.

You need to start small for achieving something big. Start with these 5 simple tips for a healthy heart.

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