Say No To Sugar For Younger Looking Skin

Everyone wishes that their skin should never age and it should keep looking younger. This also comes with certain efforts that one needs to take in  order to have a younger looking skin. There are tons of anti-aging products available which can claim to reverse the aging of skin and make you look 10 or 20 years younger (seriously???). But these products, even if they work may show you results which may not be long-lasting. They may make your skin softer but making it look younger is not so easy.

How great it would be that a small change in your diet  may do wonders for your skin. Saying no to sugar is the first thing that you should be doing for you to have a younger looking skin. Of course you body cannot do without sugar but at least whatever excess sugar that you may be taking in can be stopped to moderate your sugar intake, typically with those kind of people who like to have something sweet after lunch or dinner or just people with a really big sweet tooth.

The fact is that sugar can actually be a biggest enemy of your skin if you allow your sweet cravings to take over you.  The sweets which you have break down the proteins in not such a good way which causes Advance Glycation End products ( aptly abbreviated as AGE). This  causes the proteins in the collagen of your skin to become stiff, thus making the skin age faster and also causing brittleness in your hair.

Doctors say that excess sugar will cause skin tags and pigmentation and will also lead to the darkening of your skin. Excess sugar can also stimulate oil glands which will make your skin oily and sticky and people with sensitive skin can also develop acne.

What is Glycation?

Well, this process in not  a usual one happening in your body but whenever you are high on sugar and you have foods with high glycemic index like white breads, pastas, creamy biscuits, desserts, such an overload can cause glycation. This is also one of the main contributors to wrinkles, deep lines and sagging skin.

In glycation, the sugar molecules attach themselves to the proteins in the collagen of the skin without the influence of any enzyme.  This causes the skin to lose its flexibility and making the skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

How sugar can harm your looks?

We all know that excess sugar can have serious health issues but when it harms your skin it will obviously hurt your looks. Especially people with type 2 diabetes should be more careful when its comes to skin care as they are more vulnerable to thickening of the skin in the upper neck or at the back of the neck, darkening and thickening of the skin in the underarms, under the breasts, etc. ( Now you why some people look that weird?)

You may be young or you may be old but your skin has to be looked after all the time to keep it looking younger or trying to make it look younger (hope you got what I want to say).  Excess sugar levels in your blood always puts your skin at a risk of bacterial or fungal infections, boils, warts, herpes etc.  Your immunity also takes a hit and you become more susceptible to reactions and allergies.  If you are obese then you make have deal with issues like slow healing and the effects mentioned above will be more adverse.

You may or may not be in the quest to achieve a younger looking skin but it best in the overall interest of your health to avoid excess sugar from entering your body. If you really want to have a fabulous younger looking skin they you will want to go a step ahead and do more like eating lots of fruits and veggies, have a good anti-oxidant intake, exercise, etc. Also anti-aging products will actually do wonders here when you are in this mode. Please share your views on this in the comments section below and also share if you have been able to really turn around the way your skin looks.

So, say no to excess sugar and rejuvenate your skin for a younger look.

How To Have A Stronger Immune System For The Winters

Winter is here and you may be on the verge of getting a cold which will dampen your spirits of enjoying the winter. Do you think your immune system is strong enough so that it can take care of your body through the winter? Even if you are not sure its better to be prepared as you don’t want to fall sick, at least  in the winters.

You are most prone to fall prey to infections as your body is not that active and viruses spread like anything, with almost every third person around you sneezing his nose out. So its pretty important to make sure that you are prepared to take the winter head on and just have fun with the snowballs.

1. Don’t go down on water

Its only obvious to feel less thirsty in wither and the fact that the more you drink water more you will have to attend the nature’s call will keep you away from water. But water helps in the production of lymph and carries the white blood cells and other immune system cells. So make sure that you are having enough water in the winters.

2. Vitamin C is your best friend in winter

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and keeps you away from infections. Have lots of fruits and vegetables like sweet lime, oranges, lemon, berries, kiwi and green leafy vegetables.

3.  Don’t forget Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in the production of natural killer cells and beta cells that produce antibodies that destroys bacteria. Have almonds, blueberries, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables, the foods that are rich in vitamin E.

4. Embrace Probiotics

Your immune system depends on how good your gut is. Probiotics are the “good” bacterial which which helps your intestine to stay healthy, balanced and free of toxicity.  There are many brand of probiotic drinks available and you can also get these good bacteria from yogurt, kefir or kimchi.

5. Exercise

You may feel sleepy after your day at the office and its just not possible to leave the warmth  of the bed in the morning.  Make up your mind to exercise daily for at least 30 mins. Some good yogic stretches or some cardio is only going to make things better for your body. Exercising make your immune system to work more efficiently and also will help in giving you a peaceful sleep which again is going to help you build up immunity.

6. Maintain a healthy diet

Your stomach has got more chances of cramping in the winter. Be light on your stomach and have foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants will help you get rid of free radicals which can damage your internal health.  Have fruits and vegetables daily for a good dose of antioxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon or walnuts are beneficial for a good health. Avoid red meat and be more on fiber.

7. Don’t stress out

You may have bad day at work or you may working on an important project, but it’s only stupid to allow stress to take the better of you. Stress weakens your immune system and its thus easy for you to fall prey to infections. Practice meditation or stress relaxing techniques to manage stress better.

8. Antibiotics may not be the answer

Taking antibiotics will also kill the good bacteria in your gut and thus weaken your immunity. If its not that necessary, avoid antibiotics completely. For mild cough or colds you can have lemon, honey and ginger with hot water to reduce the effect of cold and let your body’s defense deal with the cold.

9. Make the most of the sun

Depending on where you live the amount of sunlight you receive may vary in the winter. But whenever you get an opportunity, get out in the sun and have a walk. Vitamin D is important to strengthen your immune system. It’s best to have a stroll or better even run in the morning under sunlight for at least 30 mins.

Make sure that you have a stronger immune system for the winter and have fun!