Month: June 2013

Why Table Salt Is Harmful For You – Alternatives For It

Salt – once considered as an essential commodity (of course, still is) for our life seems to be getting thrown out of the kitchen only to make way for some other alternatives, as it is thought to be doing you some pretty serious harm. Well we tend to forget our

Laugh Your Heart Out And Keep Looking Young

Good amount of laughing is something we don’t really get to do these days. Such is the situation that we actually have to form a laughter club kind of thing to make our self laugh. People tend to take life too seriously these days and this has devoid them of

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite – Most women wish that they don’t ever would have to use this word and would very much like to and get rid of whatever cellulite they have on their body. But unfortunately almost 90% fall prey to the orange-peel like skin on their lower body (don’t worry,you are

How To Protect Skin From Harmful Effects Of UV Rays

How little do we know about protecting our skin from harmful effects of Ultra-Violet (UV) rays from the sun, especially during summer. At least for men like me, who hardly give a damn, the knowledge regarding skin protection from sun is really very poor. If you are sitting in an