Month: May 2013

7 Power Foods That Helps To Reduce Body Aches And Pains

Isn’t it obvious that you would almost every time go for that pill to get rid of the pain the in back or a head ache. We all do it with so much conviction that we think it’s the last thing on earth that is available to get rid of

What Health Benefits Does Mango Fruit Has For Our Body

What Health Benefits Does Mango Fruit Has For Our Body

The King Of Fruits, “Mango” is here and you can see the food markets flooded with this deliciously juicy fruit. Just having a walk in the lanes, especially where they are selling the variety “Ratnagiri Alphonso” from India, an overpowering aroma and warmth makes your senses go really crazy. It

What Other Benefits Does Exercise Have For Your Body

Yeah, you have been hearing from your childhood about the benefits of exercising for your body, but most of the times you were told about these benefit when you were actually starting to look like a potato or an apple or a pencil. The benefits were told to you keeping

Girls Who Exercise Are Less Likely To Exhibit Violent Behavior

Are you a mother who is having a hard time controlling your teenage daughter or a father who is getting calls from the school’s principal complaining that your daughter has roughed up some other kid really bad? Teens are known to exhibit unusualĀ behaviors and violence is not an exception. As

How To Feel Fresh And Energetic In The Morning?

Do you feel less energetic or grumpy when you wake up in theĀ morning? The way you feel in the morning pretty much decides the way you will feel for the entire day, unless you are up to something exiting. I recently noticed that the way I feel when I wake