Month: April 2013

How To Reduce Excessive Sweating

Do you really sweat excessively? Do you think about the ways you can reduce your sweating? I know how embarrassing it becomes when you have to think twice before you shake hands with somebody or just quickly wipe your palm against your pants before you go for that handshake. But the

Can Prolonged TV Viewing Lower Your Sperm Count?

Men will get the jitters if some thing as simple as watching TV for prolonged periods can lower their sperm count. If a research carried out at the Harvard School Of Public Health is to be believed then men should better think about the time you spend on the couch

Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half

Chocoholics who feel guilty after¬†savoring on some fine chocolate have something to cheer about. A new research has been able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent. How cool does that sound to you? For me, it’s definitely a thumbs up and so it will be

What Is Green Coffee Extract And How It Helps To Prevent Diabetes

I had absolutely no idea what green coffee is until I came across an article which highlighted its use to prevent diabetes. Being a green tea junkie I was more than interested to find out the benefits offered by green coffee or it’s extract. I went through various articles on