How To Reduce Excessive Sweating

Do you really sweat excessively? Do you think about the ways you can reduce your sweating? I know how embarrassing it becomes when you have to think twice before you shake hands with somebody or just quickly wipe your palm against your pants before you go for that handshake. But the game is over at that moment itself when you know that you are about to shake hands with somebody. You cannot even think about hugging some body. Now that the summer is here these kind of situations will be faced more often

Why do you sweat?

Sweating is a way through which your body regulates body temperature. When the core temperature of your body rises, your body compensates by sweating and maintaining internal body temperature. Here is some interesting fact, on an average a normal person sweats up to 6 liters per day, out of which 240 ml comes from your feet! Of course this may vary depending on the climatic conditions. But people like me who live in humid conditions will not find this fact surprising.

But why do I sweat a lot?

You may be suffering from some of the main reasons mentioned below:

Hyperhidrosis: In this condition you will sweat profusely, more than the body requires to regulate body temperature. The sweating will be mostly from your hands, feet, back, armpits and the groin where the concentration of sweat glands in relatively high.

Hormonal changes : Fluctuating hormones can play a havoc and are often the root cause for perspiration. Women are more prone to such conditions in the perimenopausal state and during pregnancy when the hormonal fluctuations are at a peak.

Excess weight: Obesity as such is a root cause for many problems but it also leaves you sweating more than a healthy adult.  The simple reason being that the body of an obese person has to carry more weight and work more harder than a normal healthy person.

What do I do to reduce sweating?

Ideally you should be consulting a doctor if you think it’s really serious, but if you think you can take care of this situation here are some tips which you can implement to naturally reduce your sweating.

1. Flush your body with water: Yes, you already know about it, big deal ! But water actually helps by flushing out toxins from the body. Even if you are sweating this will keeping your body clean from inside and will prevent underarm odour to a great extent. Apart from this having two cold water showers in a day will help to combat excessive sweating and fighting body odour.

2.Cut down on your coffee: Caffeine intake tends to cause anxiety which will in turn trigger sweating. Many soft drinks also contain caffeine, make sure you check the label before you go for it, especially in the summer.

3. No hot water baths: Hot water baths will leave you soaking in sweat. The pores on your skin will remain open for a longer period of time allowing sweat to flow like a river. Cold water baths with a good anti bacterial soap will be much more helpful.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol: The body finds it more harder to control the sweating in the presence of alcohol and the toxins from smoking cigarettes.

5. Eat right: Eating spicy foods can aggravate your sweating as they make your body sweat more frequently from short time periods. Similarly having foods with more sugar content in them will give you similar results. Have only home cooked meals which contain a lot of greens and salads and also don’t forget fruits. Eating right will also help in eliminating body odour.

6. Wear right clothes: Only pure cotton clothes will do for summer as they allow your skin to breathe. If you are going to a party then avoid fabrics which cause irritation and heats up your skin. Wearing an under shirt helps tremendously as it soaks up sweat and leaves your shirt as dry as possible. Wear washed socks for every new day. If you are going out again in the evening then have a cold water bath and a complete change of clothes which also includes your socks is a must.

7. Shave unwanted hair: The sweat accumulates around the hair in the groin and in the armpits thus providing an environment for the bacteria to grow. These bacteria then discharge toxins which is why we get the unpleasant body odour. So the best thing you can do is shave off these unwanted hair for a better hygienic condition.

8. Travel Smart: Start your day early and don’t be late for work or important events. If you are behind schedule then you will tend to get anxious and this will lead to excessive sweating. Make some stops at air condition places if possible as this will cool you down, arrest sweating and then make a move.

9. Use deodorants: Deodorants give good results only when they are used properly. The chemicals enter your sweat pores and clog them to reduce sweating. If you use them immediately after a shower they may not be able to give the desired effect as pores are still open and probably they are releasing sweat at that moment. The best but also a weird way to use a deodorant is to apply it before sleeping so that the deodorant is able to complete its mode of action and the next day you simply take a shower and apply some perfume or deodorant over your shirt just for some fragrance and then leave for work. Give this a try to see if this helps. You may carry a deodorant along with you so that when the need arises you can go to the washroom and apply some deo directly in your armpits. Selection of deodorants is also important. Look for the ones that suits you well as some deodorants, when they get mixed up with your sweat gives out an odd smell. So the best thing you can do is reach your work place, allow your body to cool down and then spray the deodorant.

10. Lose excess weight: As I have mentioned before that heavy bodies need to work more harder and in the process gives out more sweat. Exercise everyday and have a diet more of fibre and proteins and avoid spices and sugary stuff.

We all in a way go through such problems every now and then, but the main thing is not to give up and keep on looking for solutions and find ways to reduce excessive sweating. The climatic conditions are different from country to country and also within a country and so will be the ways to reduce excessive sweating. We would like to hear some unique ways one has adopted to reduce excessive sweating, so please share them in the comments section.


Can Prolonged TV Viewing Lower Your Sperm Count?

Can Prolonged TV Viewing Lower Your Sperm CountMen will get the jitters if some thing as simple as watching TV for prolonged periods can lower their sperm count. If a research carried out at the Harvard School Of Public Health is to be believed then men should better think about the time you spend on the couch for the next football season.

The average sperm count of a healthy male is over 15 million sperms per millimeter as per WHO,2010. There are many factors which may cause the sperm count to fall below normal and thus leading to infertility problems in men. The study was conducted to basically find out if lack of physical activity in men can be a cause of lowering the sperm count.

The study was conducted on 189 men aged between 18 – 22 years old and their sperm concentration and sperm count were studied. It was found that men who watched TV for more than 20 hours a week had 44 percent lower sperm count compared to men who didn’t watch any TV. The effects of exercise on these men was also studied and the results were quite the opposite. Men who exercised for more than 15 hours a week or more had 73 percent higher sperm concentration compared to men who exercised for less than 5 hours in a week. This study though suggest a statistical significance of physical activity with sperm quality, the results are not very sure shot results.

As responsible individuals, do we need such kind of studies to get us off the couch and hit the streets or the nearest park or the gym? I am sure you can at least reduce an hour of TV watching and utilize the same time to engage in some outdoor sports or hitting the gym or simply grab a pair of sneakers and start running. Even while watching TV we tend to remain seated until our bladder is about to burst, right? Make it point to get up every 15 mins walk around a bit and spend some time watching TV standing. The best we can do at least is not to gain kilos just sitting around in front of TV and zero physical activeness.

Sedentary lifestyle is already affecting our lives with a variety of disorders and diseases. Lowering of the sperm count also seems to be a result of this kind of lifestyle. You do know that infertility problems in men are on the rise and we also hear about someone near to us going for artificial reproductive techniques.

Can prolonged TV viewing lower your sperm count ? We are not very sure of that as of now. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Doing everything in moderation is the key. Limiting your time for viewing TV and buying more time for physical activities should take care of most of the things. What do you say?

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Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half

Fruit Juice To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half
Photo Credits: Alaskan Dude

Chocoholics who feel guilty after savoring on some fine chocolate have something to cheer about. A new research has been able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent. How cool does that sound to you? For me, it’s definitely a thumbs up and so it will be for many of those who gain pounds quickly after snacking on high fat content food.

Chocolates though having some great benefits it scores low points when it comes to the calorific content packed in it. On an average a bar of chocolate contains 200 to 400 calories and 17 to 24 gm of fat per serving. Imagine reducing these numbers by half straight away.

A research conducted by British scientists from the University of Warwick will allow chocolate manufacturers to infuse fruit juice, vitamin C or diet cola in an entire chocolate bar thus replacing up to 50 per cent fat of the chocolate. Wondering how this happens? Here’s what Stefan A F Bon, the lead researcher had to say, the juice is in the form of micro-bubbles that helps the chocolate to retain the lush, velvety “mouth-feel” – the texture that is firm and snappy to the bite and yet melts in the mouth. We have established the chemistry that’s a starting point for healthier chocolate confectionery, this approach maintains the things that make chocolate ‘chocolatey’, but with fruit juice instead of fat. Now we’re hoping the food industry will take the next steps and use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy.”

Well I guess it’s up to the chocolate manufacturers to embrace this technology as soon as possible and get us some fine variety of chocolates to savor. It would be really interesting to taste these new breed of chocolates. There are a lot of variety of chocolates with small fruit chunks or fruit flavor available in the market but chocolates with the feel of fruit juice is definitely worth giving a try. We hope this new technology won’t let us down.

If this technology is actually able to reduce the fat content in chocolates by 50 per cent it doesn’t mean thatFruits To Reduce Fat In Chocolate By Half   you, who is one weight loss diet should think about having double the amount of chocolate. It’s in fact better that you have the same amount which you used to have and that too once in a while. You will actually reducing your fat intake through chocolates by half. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of chocolates with almost half the fat intake.

We all hope to see such products where fruit juice is used to reduce the fat in chocolate by half on the shelves very soon. Hope these products give a new dimension to the chocolate industry. Will you be more than happy to see such products ? Please share your thoughtful comments with us.

What Is Green Coffee Extract And How It Helps To Prevent Diabetes

I had absolutely no idea what green coffee is until I came across an article which highlighted its use to prevent diabetes. Being a green tea junkie I was more than interested to find out the benefits offered by green coffee or it’s extract. I went through various articles on the web and here is what I found out..

What is Green Coffee?What is green cofffee

The coffee seeds (referred as beans) are unroasted mature or immature in nature. On roasting they turn brown in color, the form which we usually see in the market or in the coffee shops.

This unroasted green coffee though has some benefits but it cannot be had in its natural form and hence the extracts are removed from the seeds and are filled in a capsule to make it more compatible for us to consume.

What is Green coffeeAccording a new research it is said that green coffee beans may have multiple benefits for diabetics. The extracts from the coffee beans helps to lower the glucose levels and also helps in losing weight. A natural therapy like this for controlling blood sugar levels can come as a big boon for people who are suffering from diabetes.

I was also amazed to read about the benefits it has when it comes to weight loss and controlling of blood sugar levels. In our body when glucose is absorbed into the blood stream, insulin is released so that it can move glucose out of the blood and then our body stores in the form of fat for body’s energy requirements. The green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. This chlorogenic acid helps by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream and hence the insulin release is also slowed down. Thus, by keeping the blood sugar levels in control, the fat production in the body can be slowed down. When there in no glucose available in the blood stream for energy production, our body uses the already stored fat for producing energy, which will help you lose excess fat.

The chlorogenic acid is also thought to have an effect to lower down blood pressure and an early research also claims that it may also be useful in fighting Alzheimer’s disease and have anti-ageing properties.

The green coffee extracts seems to have some promising results as a natural therapy for preventing diabetes and wight loss. Since it’s in early stage of research we would like to hear about it from diabetic patients who have used this therapy. So please do share your experiences in the comments form below.

10 Great Tips For Eye Care In Summer

10 Great Tips For Eye Care In SummerTaking good care of your eyes in the summers is of prime importance. Eyes need extra care during summer as the amount of ultraviolet rays are more compared to other seasons and they can damage your eyes if proper care is not taken. Also heat and dust may cause problems for your eyes if proper care is not taken. Here are 10 great tips for your eye care in summer.

  1. Make sure you have enough water intake (minimum 2 ltrs/day) during the summers. You eyes need to be wet all the time to function properly. Drying of the eyes can cause itching and dust particles can easily stick to the eyes and cause irritation to the eyes.
  2. Use lubricating eye drops if you are having red of painful eyes when you wake up in the morning. Lubricating eye drops provide a great comfort to the eyes.10 Great Tips For Eye Care In Summer
  3. Use sunglasses with 100% UV protection. UV rays are harmful for the eyes as they can cause damage the cornea, lens and retina of your eyes. Also make sure that the sunglasses have large rims as they will provide more coverage on your eyes.
  4. If you cannot do without your spectacles then ask your optician to have UV protection on them.
  5.  Avoid moving out in the midday sunlight unless necessary as UV rays are at a peak at this time.
  6. Wash hands regularly as you might transfer dust and other allergens which may give an infection to your eyes.
  7. Wash your face with closed eyelids with cold water to sooth your eyes this will also avoid swelling of your eyes.
  8. Don’t was your face very frequently as you might wash off antibodies present in the tear.
  9. Avoid eye makeup if you are having an itching or irritation in the eyes and avoid sharing makeup with others.
  10. If problems like redness, itching or watering of the eyes persist then consult an eye specialist immediately. If immediate treatment is not given then the infection may further damage your eyes.

Eyes are beautiful gifted organs of your body. Do take good care of them, especially in the summers.