Teen boys with more muscles are likely to live longer

Teenage is always more of fun, going through higher levels of education, hitting puberty and going through various mixed emotions. Hardly any boy cares about building muscles at that age. But according to a recent study by Swedish experts who had tracked a million teenage boys for 24 years found that those boys who have low muscle strength, weaker arm, leg muscles and a limp grip are at an increased risk of early death.

Researchers behind the British Medical Journal (BMJ) believe that muscle strength reflects general fitness. These findings do not mean muscle building makes you live longer  , however the link between early death and muscle power remained in the study. As may as 26,145 men died over the course of the study.

The teenagers who scored above average on muscular strength at the start of the study had a 20-35 % lower risk of early death from any cause and also from cardiovascular diseases, the report said. They also had a 20-30 % lower risk of early deaths from suicide and were up to 65 % more likely to have any psychiatric diagnosis, such as schizophrenia or depression.

Well it’s not really surprising to know such facts given that teenage boys are spending more time in front of television and gaming consoles instead of play grounds. At teenage one doesn’t actually need to the gym to build muscles. If you love any sport don’t play it on a X box or play station, instead play the game naturally outside the house and it’s more fun too. X box and play station are cool no doubt but there should be some limit to it. Parents should take special care of their children in their teenage and should make sure that they are more into sports and less into video games.

Also, diet becomes more important at this age and having junk food should be avoided whenever possible. Eating health protein based food and enough physical activity at this age is more than enough. In teenage, the body is still developing and good nutrition and good muscle weight will only benefit in later stages of life. It’s no rocket science to understand that teens with more muscles are likely to live longer.

How A Good Health Can Give You A Great Life

Miguel Angel Jimenez, is a 48-year-old Spanish professional golfer. He has won 19 times on the European tour and became the oldest winner on the European tour history last Sunday.

Wondering how could he do that at this age ? Well, this is what he said, ” Keep yourself fit and flexible. The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing in life. I have been 19 times winner now. I am 48…. my goodness. It’s 24 years that I have been around (the tour), but I still love it.I think that’s the key. Love what you are doing and enjoy yourself.” He also said,”I keep fit and keep working myself a little bit. I stretch a lot. You need to keep your body in shape to compete with the young guns.”

Now, this is what I call living in the prime of health. When you body is in a great shape you get to enjoy certain other pleasures of life. This man made $2 million from his last tour, he love his wine and cigar, maintains an excellent fitness level and truly lives his life in the prime of his health.

Age doesn’t matter but your fitness always does. This is just an example of how a good health can give you great life. Have a great healthy life.

Photo Credits: Richard Carter

Mirrors do the talking

It’s festival time in India and you tend to forget the restrictions you have put on yourself. The sweets somehow manage to find a way in your stomach, a drink or two doesn’t seem to make much difference in this nice cold weather. The atmosphere is vibrant, also the gyms are closed and since the laziness has already creeped in someone like me won’t find a way to train by running or by doing some yoga because it’s just a matter of couple of days!

I kept on checking myself in the mirror every now and then and everything seemed to be fine. I was a bit scared as my workout was not regular prior to the festival, although I felt that I might have put on some weight given to the slow metabolism rate of my body, but everything seemed to be looking fine.

It was shopping time today and I was interested in buying some party wear shirts. V. from Van Heusen had some amazing collection. Went to the trail room with a couple of them. Got off my shirt which I was wearing and now I was looking at myself from all the possible directions as four large mirrors were covering me from all the sides. To my horror I could not believe that I could possibly look so pathetic from behind !! I mean women tend to check out their behinds even in a single frame mirror at home. Men mostly don’t do that, do they? Then came out frustration of having those high calorie sweets and the deep-fried stuff and what not. It does take a toll on the body unknowingly. Thankfully, at least the shirt looked really good.

Now, its Christmas next month. What’s the fun of festivals without having any sweets ? If your body has high BMR you can afford to have as many of them. If not, then go really easy on them. Make sure you do some workout everyday and make burn the calories that you are intaking. Otherwise, the mirrors will do the talking.

Surgery to keep Diabetes in Check ?

Diabetes – The slow killer disease might have just found a unique way in which it can be tackled. It’s in the form of Surgery. India, which is home to more than 60 million diabetics can see a new ray of hope.

A diabetic patient, who had lost his vision and his kidneys too were in a bad shape, underwent a surgery in Mumbai where the doctors cut open his stomach and rearranged his small intestine in such a manner that his diabetes would come under control. Today, after 4 years, this patient doesn’t need insulin anymore, whose sugar levels used to hover between 200 and 300 units (normal range being 70-100 units in fasting state). So no more insulin shots or swallowing pills for this patient, at least for now.

This is among the longest running studies conducted in the world.This kind of treatment is not done on all patients but mostly on patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30-35. Also some patients after the gastric bypass surgery have reported weight loss which helps a lot to keep the disease in check. It is believed that the surgery leads to production of certain enzymes in the digestive system that helps balance blood sugar.

Doctors agree that it’s too early to embrace surgery as the best option as it is not yet known that how the patients body is going to react after a decade or two. But the patient definitely gets a break from the disease and his/her vital organs get a much-needed respite from the harmful effects of the disease.

Well, it’s really a blessing for overweight diabetics and theprimehealth.net will always try to help those who are suffering from the disease through updates from this site. Remember, “Prevention is always better than cure”. The hereditary nature of this disease makes it even more dangerous. People who parents have a history of diabetes should go for regular sugar level checks through proper pathological procedures. Always be active and never allow anything (your job,familly,friends) coming in your way of maintaining good physical fitness. Eat healthy and live life in the prime of your health.


10,000 steps a day to stay healthy!

According to a research done by an US university it was found out that at least 10,000 steps a day are necessary for an adult to stay fit. I am sure by now you must be actually calculating the amount of walking you do. It may come as a surprise to many of us, but it should be understood that humans were also primitively nothing less than animals.They used to walk, run, hunt, climb and travel just by the foot. Our genes have pretty much remained the same since then, I guess.

Today with the ease of travelling through cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. it’s really a question about the amount of walking we actually do. Simply speaking, the amount of energy that our body has to disburse everyday is not happening.This in turn leads to a sedentary lifestyle and then obesity and then chronic diseases. People who have read my previous post will better understand this. Well if we are not involved in any other form of workout, then this is really a matter of concern.

This particular study was done using pedometers and they have laid down certain classifications depending on the number of steps:

1. Less than 5000 steps/day – Sedentary Lifestyle

2. 5000 – 7499 steps /day – Low Physical Activity

3. 7500 – 9999 steps/day –  Somewhat Active

4. 10,000 steps and a bit more per day – “Active

5. 12,500 steps and more – Highly Active

Just have an approximate estimate of the amount of walking you actually do. I know a couple of my friends who start from their house in a car, reach the office premises, take an elevator, reach to their respective cubes, spend the entire day in front of their laptops and go home pretty much by the same route and they don’t even workout !! I am really worried for them.

Are you also like one of my friends ? If yes then you should also start worrying about yourself. I think majority of the lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, heart blockages, hypertension come because simple we don’t do any walking, nor are we involved in any form of workouts. So better start walking wherever possible. Walk when you talk on mobile phones, use stairs whenever possible, don’t stay for ever at your office desk. take a break, walk around and come back. Grab a pair of new sports shoes, get excited, wake up early and have a brisk walk around the park. Make sure you take those 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy.

Are Too Many Calories Bothering You ?

Its not surprising for most of us to freak out on hearing the word,”Calories”. If we happen to buy anything to eat today, 95% of the times we check the calorific content it has. But why do we do that now ? As kids we never used to give a damn about it and just used to shove anything in our mouth which seemed to visually attractive and creamy and colorful. This is most of the times the kind of stuff which has calorie content and will make any adult put on weight whose body metabolism is kind of sluggish.

So what’s the fuss about calories is all about? Let me simplify it for those who are looking for answers. Lets try to put it like this, “Calories are nothing but simply energy”. Your body draws energy from the food that you eat to help itself continue to do the day to day activities you have to do. Or let’s say, Food = Energy. More Food = More Energy and Less Food = Less Energy. Only co-relate the food which you have at home every day and not the pizza, burger or the fries.

Your body needs only a certain amount of energy to perform your day to day activities. So why are too many calories bothering you ? Because all of us are not blessed with good body metabolism (BMR). If we have food more than the our body requirement, what do you think happens to the excess energy it produces ? Your body is too smart than you think. Its  like it has got its own brain. The excess energy which is produced by the excess food is converted to fat and is stored in your body. That’s the primary reason you start getting out of shape.

This is something which has been passed on to us by our ancestors who used to hunt for food and used to have meals very less often than we have. So their bodies used to immediately convert incoming energy food into fat in fear of not getting food again for couple of days or more. By doing so the stored fat can be used to produce energy in the absence of food. Smart, isn’t it? Unfortunately the genes which are responsible for doing this have been transferred to us from them and also we have food more often and that too in different varieties than they used to.

So don’t let too many calories bother you. Plan your meals well. Find out your BMR and plan your meals accordingly. By this you will get an idea how much you need to eat everyday and it will help you in not overeating. Have small meals every 2 to 3 hours so that your BMR stays active and work your body out to stay fit and fine.