20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

20 Mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Weight loss exercises at home can be torturing many times as you really have to push yourself hard to to make it a routine.

Working ou20 Mins Weight Loss Exercises at Homet at home may not be the ideal choice for everyone as the home in which you workout should be conducive for your exercises.

For many months during my college days, I used to exercise at home to lose my excess weight which I had gained due to over eating.

I could not afford a gym membership then and exercising at home was an ideal option.

Living in a small apartment also didn’t have any advantage in terms of space and hence I exercised in a small space.

Today,although I workout in a gym, there are some off days where you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your bed.

For such days I exercise for 20 mins which workouts my entire body and revs my metabolism.

Why 20 mins?

In 20 mins you can do a lots of stuff and that should be an ideal workout time for working out at home.

At home it can be difficult for many to keep the enthusiasm of working out for long.

If you are into yoga then things are different as you workout with a different mindset.

But for weight loss exercises at home, 20 mins is more than you can ask for, especially if you have a busy official schedule.

I personally have found out that it’s difficult to work out at home for more than 20 mins as I used to get bored easily.

There can be many reasons to this like you couldn’t play loud music or may be no people around you who are working out hard and can motivate you.

So, if your could just finish your work out in 20 mins and manage your diet well, you can very well achieve your weight loss goals.

20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

When it come to wight loss you practically lose weight from the entire body.

So if you are thinking about working out just one part like your belly, it is not going to have desirable results.

Any workout for weight loss should be able to increase your metabolism.

This is important as you need to be burning calories even after your workout.

This can be achieved be a combination of cardio which will increase the heart rate and muscular strength exercises which will help turn fat into muscle.

It’s best to keep things simple while doing weight loss exercises at home.

Here is the routine

1. Stretching

Do basic stretching exercises which will make you feel comfortable to take the hard task ahead.

Don’t forget to focus on major joints like knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders by rotating them in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

2. Skipping ropes

Start skipping ropes gradually increasing your pace.

This will warm up your body pretty good.

Target 30 reps in round 1

20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

3. Push-ups

Rest for 5 seconds and attain a position for push ups.

Target for 10 reps and if you are still feeling comfortable go for 15 to 20 reps.

Stand upright after completing the push-ups

20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

4. Free Squats

Position your feet below your shoulders and move downwards by bending your knees and keeping your back arched.

Make sure your knees are not crossing your toes while performing the squat.

I20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Perform 10 reps of squats

You can push for 15 or 20 reps as well.

5. Plank

Rest for 15 seconds after squats.

Attain a position of a plank as you can see in this image.

20 mins Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Your elbows should be resting below your shoulders and keep your back and your neck straight.

If you are a beginner, hold the plank position for 10 seconds.

If you can hold further, you can push to 20 or 30 seconds.

Stand up and rest for 20 seconds.

These are four variations is one set.

The key to weight loss exercises at home is how far you can push yourself with basic sequence of exercises.

These exercises are designed keeping in mind that there is no cardio equipment like a treadmill or weights at home.

In 20 mins if you can pull 8 sets that would be really great.

If not then keep working on your body and attain the fitness level where you can reach 8 sets or may be even more.

What will these 20 mins weight loss exercises at home do for me?

These weight loss exercises shown above are designed to work out your whole body in shortest and may be in an easy way.

There are more intense exercises that you can do at home, but to do those you need to have a fit body.

These exercises will target the major muscles and will increase your metabolic rate which is going to help you lose weight.

The skipping ropes will warm up your body and rev your heart rate.

Skipping ropes will involve your leg muscles including the calves and glutes.

Push-ups will target your chest, triceps and biceps.

By doing push-ups you are working out your upper body, arms and this also helps to tone your belly.

The Squats hit the largest muscles in you body like the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and the quadriceps.

Squats will help you tone your butts and thighs and give your lower body a good shape.

Squats will also help you burn fat around the belly.

Lastly, the plank targets the core of your body and makes it stronger.

The lower back muscles and the abs are put under stress in this workout, which helps them support your entire body better when they are more stronger.

Planking will help you to burn fat around the belly.

Here is a demonstration of the workout 

These 20 mins weight loss exercises at home will make your muscles grow stronger which will help you to burn excess fat and this exercise sequence will increase your metabolic rate.

By increasing the metabolic rate of your body, you will be able to burn fat and lose weight even when you are not working out.

Other tips to lose weight at home

  1. Have a disciplined and a proper diet
  2. Do not over eat
  3. Increase your protein intake and reduce carbohydrates and fats
  4. Strictly no junk food
  5. Do not sit at one place for more than 20 mins
  6. Drink lots of water and consume more fruits

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Cheers to a healthy and a fit body.

If you have found this article helpful, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can also share your exercise hacks for weight loss at home.

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