10 Great Tips For Eye Care In Summer

10 Great Tips For Eye Care In SummerTaking good care of your eyes in the summers is of prime importance. Eyes need extra care during summer as the amount of ultraviolet rays are more compared to other seasons and they can damage your eyes if proper care is not taken. Also heat and dust may cause problems for your eyes if proper care is not taken. Here are 10 great tips for your eye care in summer.

  1. Make sure you have enough water intake (minimum 2 ltrs/day) during the summers. You eyes need to be wet all the time to function properly. Drying of the eyes can cause itching and dust particles can easily stick to the eyes and cause irritation to the eyes.
  2. Use lubricating eye drops if you are having red of painful eyes when you wake up in the morning. Lubricating eye drops provide a great comfort to the eyes.10 Great Tips For Eye Care In Summer
  3. Use sunglasses with 100% UV protection. UV rays are harmful for the eyes as they can cause damage the cornea, lens and retina of your eyes. Also make sure that the sunglasses have large rims as they will provide more coverage on your eyes.
  4. If you cannot do without your spectacles then ask your optician to have UV protection on them.
  5.  Avoid moving out in the midday sunlight unless necessary as UV rays are at a peak at this time.
  6. Wash hands regularly as you might transfer dust and other allergens which may give an infection to your eyes.
  7. Wash your face with closed eyelids with cold water to sooth your eyes this will also avoid swelling of your eyes.
  8. Don’t was your face very frequently as you might wash off antibodies present in the tear.
  9. Avoid eye makeup if you are having an itching or irritation in the eyes and avoid sharing makeup with others.
  10. If problems like redness, itching or watering of the eyes persist then consult an eye specialist immediately. If immediate treatment is not given then the infection may further damage your eyes.

Eyes are beautiful gifted organs of your body. Do take good care of them, especially in the summers.

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